Thursday 8 December 2011

Tommy's Thrilling Thursday!

: Sorry to be late in posting but #1 and I had a busy day and only just got back. We drove about an hour away to have brunch with her friend Ms. S. We have talked about Ms. S before. She trains working sheepdog and I told you about her border collie, Jim, early in the summer. Well, this time, after brunch, we got to go for a long walk in the woods and fields with the whole family, so please meet Bosco, Lad, Bingo, Jim and Beau, my buddies!

I had the BEST time ever! Thanks, guys! Can't wait for the next time!


  1. A great walk out in the woods with some woofie furriends - that looks great, Tommy!

  2. You're such a great guy, Tommy; we don't mind sharing our tennis balls with you anytime!! Come back soon; we have lots of other walks to show you!

  3. It looks like a super-fun time! And with a stick, too! Did the collies try to herd you at all, Tommy?

  4. Wow Tommy looks like you had a terrific time with all your friends.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  5. It's the best isn't it. Running free with your buddies in the hills and mountains.

    You look so happy in that last picture Tommy. I wish I had been there too.

    Good Days, Great Pictures.....


  6. Look at all those doggies!
    I'm not sure that would be a good place for me to be!
    Maybe you'll get to romp in the snow soon.

  7. eeek! is that a human thigh bone in your mouth?!

  8. I bet woo slept furry furry well!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! My word is PLATES - I bet there might be snakhkies on them!

  9. That walk in the woods wif your furriends looks divine! So much and so many to sniff! We think you are pawsitively smiling!

  10. what a fun adventure with your friends Tommy
    Benny & Lily

  11. The dog I live with is part border collie, and sometimes she tries to herd us cats!

  12. That looks like a great time. :)


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