Monday, 19 December 2011

Manly Monday!

: You are not going to believe this but #1 has gone again! Left this morning for a day in Paree. She said it was for work, and that she was going to prepare some fancy high-flying executive for his move to Japan by telling him all about how they work over there. But I bet you she is planing some shopping as well! I man, would she be human if she wasn't?! Anyway, she promised to be home this evening, and I am supervising the kitties. Fernant's people will come over to feed them and let me out for a romp or two.

The kitties have already announced that they are planning to spend the day napping. The Beebs has been practicing:

As you can see, he's a very tidy sleeper!

Unlike a certain Gen-Chan...

I shall be eagerly anticipating #1's return!

And Vidock and Big Tom will be synchronized-watching for her next visit!


  1. Whether you are a tidy or not-so-tidy sleeper, you are cats! So of course either way is perfect.

  2. Happy Holiday furiends!!! I hope #1 brings you all back lots of goodies!

    Have a spectacular Christmas!!!!


  3. Tom you are a great keeper of the calm...we love those sleepin' pics (we do a lot of that around here, too) especially the Beebs cuz he looks like a little mouse hibernating!! Yeah, life is rough. Ruff, ruff!!

    Purrs to the whole big family!!! And may #1 get home AND STAY HOME (bearing gifts, of course!!). Lolove, Tiny and those dawgs (one of whom was out ALL NIGHT again so now HE is sleeping just like the Beebs)

  4. one does it better and by the way, Vidock and Big Tom have that synchronizing down to an art! I remember before when they showcased their abilities!

    Mom Carole

  5. Beebs, you reminded us of a little sleeping doormouse in that pose :) We hope #1 is enjoying her trip.

  6. It sounds like an important trip for the man who is moving to Japan, as it will be good for him to understand customs. We hope #1 gets home before dark. Gen-Chan, you do sleep with abandon!

    Our verification word is banish. We bet you want to banish #1's trips!

  7. We larfed and larfed at the way little Ghen-Chan sleeps! That boy sure is relaxed. xx

  8. We hope that she gets home soon - and maybe brings presents!!! We think the kitties have the best idea - just sleep it off. :)

  9. We are doing a lot of sleeping too today as it is pouring with rain here. We hope #1 comes back bearing gifts to make up for deserting you today.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. I have to say, if I were taking a business trip to Japan, I would totally want advice from your human! I hope she brings home some Christmas goodies for you guys!

  11. Beebs, that is tight and tidy! Gen, you sleep like Princeton! Hope your day sails by quickly and #1 has sum pawsum treats from Paree! (tell her sum pics from Paree wouldn't go unappreciated.)

  12. Hey Tom is Paree the same as Paris for us from the states. If so, how cool a chance is that. Of course she is gonna sneak in some shopping.

    The best part of all of this is that she has no worries about leaving you in charge. You will take such good care of everyone.

    I love how they sleep. So sweet and so harmless looking.

    I'm gonna print out the pictures and show them to Allred. Maybe he will figure it out.


  13. Little Genji could make even the most confirmed Scrooge smile!
    During her trip, your #1 will probably meet with Santa to let him know what lovely things to bring you. And she'll probably pick up some gifts for you as well! We are sure everyone will be on their best behaviour in her absence. Lots and lots of love to you.

  14. Me hopes she brings back some goodies for yous guys from Paris. And me sleeps like Beebs and Kozmo sleeps like Gen-Chan!

  15. What is UP with #1, gallivanting hither and yon!?! We are posting a ball and chain to attach to her ankle...

  16. Its like yoga napping, BOL
    Benny & Lily

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  18. Genji's fur has a silky shine to it in that picture. Mom wants to stroke him real bad.
    Guess what, we had a little snowfall here over night! Exciting! We hope #1 got you some more presents from her trip to Paris. Her job there sounds very interesting, we're sure her information is of great help to the business guy.


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