Saturday 17 December 2011

Sitting and Waiting SEIturday...

First of all, thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday. It seems like the bad news just keeps on coming at the moment, so we must work extra-hard at sharing both love and strength.

I am very late in posting because #1 high-tailed it out of here quite early this morning and spent all days at horsey meetings (some people's idea of fun...). So, what was I to do?

I sat on the desk chair...

I sat in the big kennel...

And eventually, I just sat at the window...

She did eventually return but it was already DARK!


  1. Sei-Chan don't your brofurs or sisfur help you with window watching? That's most unfair as you can't nap while you're yhe look out.
    Luv Hannah anf Lucy xx xx

  2. My Vickie says I am a terrible watch dog. You wanna come here and keep a watch on things for me.

    I could use the help.


  3. Which of your siblings is the photographer when #1 is away, Sei-Chan? :-)

  4. It is no fun when you don't get to see #1 in daylight. We know the feeling so well.
    And who can resist our mournful stares from the window, waiting for our feeders to return and rescue us from starvation and neglect ?

  5. #1 better watch her step! This "leaving" and "doing things" has simply got to stop! toot sweet.

  6. Horsey Meeting ? Sei, You have to make sure you have Kitties Meeting too !!! You know what I means ?...Napping Meeting...tee...heh..heh

  7. We were so shocked and saddened to hear sad news about Admiral.
    I'm sorry to hear about your friend, KAI.

    It's not fun to see #1 going out but isn't it the best to see her coming back? :-) I hope you will have lots of lots of snuggling time with her!

  8. Sei-Chan, we are very glad #1 is home, but it sure made for some great pics of you.

    We are all hoping that the days ahead bring much happier news for all.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. We nap the day away if mum wasn't around.

  10. Oh darling beautiful must have a serious talk with #1...I think you should indeed.


    Mom Carole

  11. We know how you feel about being left alone. Mom Paula is always gone, too!

    Truffle and Brulee

  12. Horsey meetings?! If this means #1 was meeting with horses, that might be interesting, but if she was just meeting with horsey humans, then sheesh, how interesting can THAT be???

    I think you had the better day, Sei!

  13. When it comes to watching, vigilance is the key. You did furry well indeed Sei-chan. I myself need help in this department. What do you fink is the one impawtant fing when it comes to watching?


  14. Khats AND Drama!

    PeeEssWoo: Oh Tommy! Why khan't they be more like us?

  15. We understand about waiting and watching. You'd think sum of those lovely siblings would help you out!

  16. I can't believe #1 just left all day like that. I hope she intends to spend all of Sunday with you.

  17. window watching could get a bit much after 54 hours
    Benny & Lily


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