Saturday, 26 March 2011

Springtime SEIturday!

Guess what? #1 and Tommy heard their first cuckoo of the spring on their walk this morning!

Before we get into our post, we would like to send huge CONGRATULATIONS to Clive and Murray for a "Wicked Awesome" win in the Actimel Your Full of Life Winter Moments Competition! And special kudos also to Murray's Mum, Fiona, who worked tirelessly to drum up votes during the extremely long contest. The €10,000 winnings go to the Assistance Dog Programme. HURRAH!!!!!!!

So, #1 went shopping for us again this week, having seen something great that Vidock's breeder got for her cat, and we are now in possession of an awesome new tunnel!

Now, play is a great thing but we all know it comes nowhere near the real thrill of the hunt, and we had a banner week in that category this week here at Poupounette Central. A few days ago, we started to get very suspicious. Initially, Tama and I kept a close watch in the entry to the office:

Then, whatever it was moved downstairs and Bibi took over watch duty for a while...

Our extraordinary team effort eventually paid off handsomely! Please cover your eyes if you are a little squeamish.

(#1 would like to mention that it was given a decent funeral...)

There had to be major cleaning and napping afterwards. although I am not sure what I think of Tama-Chan's decision that I am the perfect pillow!


  1. Wow there are lots of wow's today. That is pawsome news about the competition win and that tunnel is ssomething else, I would love one like that. Now for a big wow, you realy kept on the chase until you caught that critter and well done to you all. An acheivement indeed. that last photo is so cute.. Hugs GJ xx

  2. Well done with the persistence of the hunt. Who actually caught the mousie in the end?

    Hope you enjoy your tunnel. I had one but didn't use it, because I think I was too big for it. Your svelte figures should work well dashing into it.

  3. That's it! That's it!
    That's the one that was in our kitchen too on Thursday night! WOOF!
    It appears that you kitties are much better ratters than us poochies. Do you have a charge-out rate?
    Sending lotsalicks and congrats to Murray, Clive and Fiona too.

  4. RESULT!!! Excellent work, guys. We are jealous!

  5. Many thanks for the kind comments - we really appreciate them! We were delighted to win the money for Assistance Dogs and it was a very long campaign!!!

    We're getting nasty comments now about the competition being 'rigged' - we keep deleting them as fast as they are going up - but it's such a shame some people are like that!

    Anyway, back to much better things - we're very impressed with the 'hunters' - very well done to them!! Could they fly over here and help us with the mouse in house here!!

    Love that new tunnel too!!

    take care and thanks again for all your support and comments along the way of the campaign!!

    - Clive, Murray and Fiona

  6. You might want to visit MaxMom in south africa. She has a rat in her house. You would get that taken care of in no time.


  7. Awesome tunnel - it looks like great fun. BTW, that's some pretty impressive hunting by you kitties - you did a great job looking after #1.



  8. We love hunting, but for some reason, when the introoder is in the house, we aren't as aggressive anymore....this winter we had a visitor of a similar kind and though he kept me on my toes for several evenings (why is it that they are busiest in the night when I want to sleep?), I think it finally got away because one evening it just wasn't there anymore and I asked Tiny and she denied any involvement in mouse's disappearance. Oh well, I wasn't hungry anyway. You got yourselves a serious manmouse there..great job and keep up the teamwork. BTW, you look fabulous after your group bath...but then again, you guys ALWAYS look fab!! Purrs, Lautrec and the others.

  9. The beautiful, pampered Chans still have bit of the great jungle hunter in their hearts! We guess your mum could tell from the fang marks it wasn't Tommy. Our Gran had a lovely kitty who could care less about little intruders but her poodle was a fabulous ratter.
    Enjoy your tunnel! Now we want one!

  10. You deaded a real live mousie!!!! So impressive.

  11. That is so exciting that money is going for the assistance dogs. They are wonderful dogs no matter where they are.
    You three sure are good hunters and how smart was that for all of you to take turns. Good kill. Glad it has a decent burial. Take care and have a super Saturday or Sunday, what ever it is where you are.

  12. Wow you guys are an amazing team. Did you give it to number one as a present?

  13. Well done with catching that pesky mousie - we hope you enjoyed the thrill of the chase. It looks quite a good sized one too. We are glad your friends won that competition for the Assistance Dog Programme - the must have been "dogged" with their persistance.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. I had that tunnel once. Gemini and I never used it...

    Such good hunters you guys are! I am so impressed with you! AND you found me!!!

  15. Excellent work catching that mousie! Enjoy that tunnel. I wonder if we would like that...

  16. What was Melvin doing at your house?!? I see you love your tunnel, too! Have a great weekend!

  17. Concatulations, you guys, on a great hunt! For some reason, my human is glad we have never caught one of those. I think it would be lots of fun if one got in the house!

  18. Ha - the Chans might want to offer lessons to Toby and pack as they seem to have a bit of an invasion in South Africa:)

    Nice tunnel, wonder if they make them big enough for sibes:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. What fun! A tunnel, AND a real live dead mousie to play with! Was Tommy not interested or was he being polite?

  20. Cool tunnel! Poor little mouse....should of known better!

  21. Will Vidock be getting a tunnel too?

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Nice mousers woo share #1 with!

  22. Woooooow !!!! Catch Real Mousie !
    That's so cool !!! That's impressive !!!

    Ps : Did any human women in your house scream ? I love that part : )..heh..heh..hee

  23. Good job on getting the mousie.

  24. Enjoy the new tunnel. We never had one here, but we've lots of places that are like tunnels, like under the bed with all the shoes and the under bed storage thingies/boxes.

    Mighty hunters these sleek kitties are I'm tellin you. Best to not go out and about hunting in the wild though. You might turn out to be the hunted.

    Yay on the contest.

    I'm just catching up here.

    I'll be back .....


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