Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thursday Away...

here. Well, in Upper Normandy we are... In the cold, absolutely pouring rain... Tommy is enjoying his grandmama, aunts, sisters and nieces. Just look at that face!

He always has the most fun with his sister Sophie who shares his love of tennis balls (very soggy tennis balls today...)

And of course there is little Emily!

And please don't think that we are kitty-deprived!

Meanwhile back at the ranch... Gen-Chan appears to be conducting some exotic light-orb worshipping ceremony:

Well, his mother is, after all, called Bastet...

Could you cross a few paws for slightly less wet weather for us?

PS: Apologies for our intermittent visiting at the moment. Things should get back to normal at the weekend.


  1. Oh no, is French rain worse than English rain, Äiti asks ? We hope it dries soon. But that sofa does look really comfy.
    Gen-Chan is trying to communicate with you, of course - he is hoping the light will send messages through the ether - come back, come back....

  2. We have lots of rain here too! It's the return of the westerlies and the beginning of the European monsoon. Ruby xx

  3. Genji, You Rock..MOL
    Your cousins are stunning, even the doggies !!! Cute !!!
    And Not a problems, I do paws crossed for your weather ! and see you when you are ready : )

  4. Genji - did you make that light appear by magic??!! We love Tommy's pictures with his family he looks very happy to see them.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Look at all the gorgeousness you are visiting! Emily and Sophie are such pretty girls. Gen-Chan, you remind us a little bit of Mickey Mouse when he was trying his hand at a bit of magic... this could be trouble!

  6. No chicken photos? MOL! Tommy looks like he is having a great time, rain or not.

  7. Awww,

    your animals are sooo cute and your horse is realy amazing :D I love the "cold-blooded-breeds" :D

    greetings from
    Dani&Ghandi, Germany

  8. Genji Prince of Magic? Gosh, you are becoming one talented kitten Gen-Chan!!
    Normandy is where LP's family were originally from before they came to Canada three hundred and fifty years ago!! LP are the letters to her middle name but Sophie is her first name just like Tommy's sister! Shhh.Don't tell anyone :)
    the critters in The Cottage

  9. So interesting!I would love to visit that musee and find my ancestors! I have never visited Normandy but would like to one day! I studied in Tours many years ago and lived in France at that time for fourteen months, visited Paris a lot and southern France but never visited Normandy :( Some day!

  10. Tommy you look like you are having a grand time! Gen-Chan you look like quite a scientist!

  11. Uh-oh, are you going to be coming home with Other-Cat Smell? Maybe Genji is conjuring up a neutralizer. Since he's the newest cat, maybe he's most qualified.

  12. We hope the weather gets better! Tommy you look great and we love that last orb worshipping pic!

  13. We are always amazed at the size difference between Tommy and Sophie:) Bet he is really having fun. Sorry about the rain, we could use some here. We would offer to switch but you don't want this heat either.

    Adorable pic of Gen-Chan:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  14. Look at all those kids to play with. All our feets are crossed for nice weather
    Benny & Lily

  15. Tommy, you are so fortunate to have been able to go along and see all those woofie relatives and the kitties.

  16. We love Tommy's happy smile! How lovely for him to be able to spend time with his family. And....squeeee! Darling Emily! What a sweet expressive face.....squeeee!
    And he gets to spend time with the beautiful kitties too. Does he try to cuddle with them? We think Gen-Chan is trying to find a way to contact his #! He's just a baby and only has his #1 human at home to love him. It must be very lonely for the little fellow. Well pray that the weather breaks and gives you glorious summer days. Love to all.

  17. If it is cold and rainy, Genji is just trying to warm his paws.

    Do you want really hot and humid? I don't think so, so we won't send you our weather.

  18. We will do a sort of reverse rain dance!


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