Thursday, 7 July 2011

Thei-Chan's Thnuggles on Thursday

Thei-Chan: We throngly thuthpect... Oh, Excuse me! I got carried away.... So, we strongly suspect that a certain new arrival is going to be hogging the blog over the weekend and that both SEIturday and Snuggles on Sunday will morph into Kitten Days. So, I have decided to be pro-active and combine those two important posts into Thursday!

I have been getting in my dose of cuddles with Tommy:

I wonder what the new kitten will make of him? Where he was born, they have four whippets so he must be used to woofies, but Tommy is a bit bigger...

Anyway, Tommy has been hanging out with Tama-Chan too:

And with the Beebster (boys!):

The Bibi just loves cuddles with his #1...

But he loves even more cuddles with his #1 AND his green bean!!!

Tama-Chan takes her cuddles with #1 rather more seriously:

And gets toe massages as a result!

Now back to me. I tell you.. It's a good job I am here to supervise things and make sure the house and blog run smoothly. I suppose every home needs a dedicated Thupervithor!


  1. We thove the pthost! And we are of course reading your blog carefully as you have the imminent arrival of a new whippersnapper too. Blog hogging - hmmm - not sure I will tolerate that. But I am glad to see you guys are carrying on as usual and making sure you get all the snuggle time necessary. I shall keep my eyes open for all opportunities here before Pentu Päivä (Kitten Day). it's getting hotter here again so I think I shall be trying to relax in the shade rather than running round. have a good rest up you guys - before chaos hits

  2. Thutch a thuper post! We're glad we didn't have to mith owt on snuggle picthures. Thmoochies. Actually itth quite hard to talk with a lipth.

  3. whoops we thed"snuggle" and we meant "thnuggle"

  4. you all make mommy smile and get happy every day..and today, all the love here between allof uou makes her morning just right. xoxox

  5. Nith pichures oth you all today.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy (sorry Luthy)
    xx xx

  6. Thei, we are tho glad that you are there to keep thingth under control. We are looking forward to meeting your new thibling!

  7. Thei, you are such a good snoopervisor! Sorry but I can't type wif a lisp! I love alla today's pictures, it makes me so happy to see alla the love at your house.

  8. For a second we thought we were on Khyra's blog only with TH instead of KH!

    We hope to see photos of your new sibling on facebook this weekend, since we won't be blogging for the next week. Please ask your #1 to post pictures.


  9. Better rest up before the new arrival! Loved that the green bean made a cameo appearance.

  10. A new kid on the way!!! Hide the toys
    Benny & Lily

  11. I think you shall have to put your paw down to make sure the little guy isn't a blog hog! And then all that other training as well. A cat's work is never done is it? Enjoy those naps while you can.

  12. Love all the snuggle photos.

    yeah...the new additions always seem to hog our blogs huh? :)

  13. Thei, I mean, Sei, the last photo tells me how seriously you take your job as supervisor! But I know you run your home with a velvet paw! Come to think of it, you are a red Aby - does that mean you run it with a red velvet paw?

  14. We are all caught up on your news and we can't believe the BIG news that unfolded in our mere two weeks absence! A new baby kitten arriving soon.Is it true?! How exciting!!We can't wait to meet the wee one :)
    the critters in The Cottage

  15. Great job, Thei-Chan. We bet you will do a pawesome job of thupervithing Bibi with his new brother.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. Great supervising!!

    The photos are brillant!

    Busy days ahead!!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  17. We cannot believe that the big day is finally here almost! We are so excited! A name...what will we call him?
    Counting the hours until "he" arrives.

    Our mum promises not to squee so loudly that it frightens the little fellow. But she will be squeeing her head off, that's for sure!

  18. So glad you snoopervised everything, "Thei" you can be ready for this weekend!

  19. Such good thnugglin pictures! Luv Tommy on the couch upside down! Have a pawsome day!

  20. Good job on supervising everything , Sei-chan. We hope you have a wonderful weekend and Friday too!


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