Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Like everyone else here, I am exhausted! You have no idea how much supervising I have had to do, just to make sure that little pipsqueak knows his place! Here I am, perched high in his room...

And I of course needed to try out his feather toys to make sure they conform to all required safety regulations:

The weather has been seriously stinky, cold enough to make #1 wish she had some fur! So, we haven't had as much opportunity as usual to relax in the run. Still, I manage to find the odd minute here and there:

Other than that, it's been the hammock in the study for me!

Oh, and #1 AND Tommy are abandoning us for three days! They leave on Wednesday morning and won't be back until Friday night. They are heading to Normandy where they will look after Tommy's family (plus kitties and chickens) when the breeders go off to the opera at Glyndebourne. And they are leaving pipsqueak here, WITH US!!!! Well, our neighbour Ms. H and Vidock's breeder, Ms. S, will, between them, come and see us three times a day but that does not make up for anything, as you all well know. I, Queen Tama, am not pleased.


  1. MAN! MAN, MAN, MAN, MAN, MAN!!!! So much has happened in your house since we last commented here... (BTW, we are sorry for that, but Mom hasn't been generous with giving us computer time)...Vidock on show!! Genji le beau bebe!! All sorts of stuff!! You are all looking great - as always!! That #1 is leaving you AGAIN is ABSOLUTELY SCANDALOUS and if I were you, I would punish her dearly for that as we absolute DO NOT TOLERATE being deprived of our Mom-time so you shouldn't either!!! We hear you on the cold weather...lousy, rotten it is here, too. Grrrhissss! We are just happy that there is plenty of green grass to go munch on and the warm attic to lounge in or we would really be fit to be tied. I mean 'hey!'....what is with this summer weather? We hope that you guys get your warm weather back sooooon and your #1 gets back REALLY SOON (sure, 3 days only...ONLY??...does she not know that it is an ETERNITY for us kids???). We wish Vidock blue ribbons and can't wait to see pictures of him winning them!!! Purrs to you all from all of us: Lautrec, Tiny and Ellwood

  2. Hi Tama-chan! Sorry to hear that #1 and Tommy will be leaving you but before you know it they'll be back! :)
    The weather's been awful too here..we get rain at times then back to scorching hot and humid..! Makes me wish we have a remote for the weather..!
    Enjoy your relaxing Tuesday!


  3. I'm sure you enjoyed the solemn duty of "testing" those toys!

  4. Abandonment - with pipsqueak to look after. Wow. You are really trusted with responsibilities and supervision! We are making sure that our Äiti doesn't leave us. This is too scary a time!

  5. 3 days !!!! I feel your pain Tama !!!
    but it's a really good time to do Pawty Trash : )

  6. We know how you feel Tama-Chan - after mum being away last week in the sunshine we might add unlike us locked up in purrizon and the cold and damp - at least we didn't have a baby to take care of too!! We do have to say though he is very cute. Don't forget to practice your backs of disrespect for when #1 gets back from Glyndebourne.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Tama-Chan! Stark unwavering abandonment!

    Show #1 the back of disrespect when she and Tommy come home and train the pip squeak to as well. xoxxx

  8. How wonderful for Tommy to be able to visit with his family!
    And he will be at the end of his course of medication so, hopefully, he can run freely! Maybe #1 can treat us to some new photos sweet Emily and her amazing flying years.
    Poor little Genji! No one to cuddle with. We will be thinking of you and sending all of our cuddle vibes your way. Can you feel our love comming your way?
    We know , Tama, that you will find a way to exact your revenge for this abandonment. You know exactly how to wrap your human around your elegant velvet paw.

  9. Kits are so much work. I know exactly how you feel.

  10. How DARE she leave you all alone (well..not really but it sounds better to say all ALONE!!) This is your opportunity to wreak havoc! Don't miss it!Mwahahahahahaha.
    the critters in The Cottage

  11. Holy COD! Is Sir Pipsqueak going to be out and about or still sequestered? Tama, we wouldn't want to be in your paws for a pallet of temptations!
    Except the toy-testing part.

  12. Oh dearr I hope all goes well when mum is away. I have faith that it will.. I will be waiting with baited breath to see what happens.. Hugs GJ xx

  13. What?! You are stuck at home with this new little monkey while #1 leaves for three days? That is just not right! I would definitely stage a protest.

  14. Keep up the great job of watching over things. :)

  15. How nice for Tommy and #1 - we bet they will have a very nice time. We know that #1 always leaves you in good hands, so we are hoping you will all be good and happy.

    You look quite lovely in your supervision perch.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. Tama, that stinks that your #1 and Tom are leaving you for three days. Our Moms left us for almost NINE days and we were not at all happy. Perhaps you should sneak into her luggage and go with her?

  17. Tommy SO gets to have all the fun!

    I bet woo wish were a khanine!

    As fur the weather, #1 is welkhome to visit here - of khourse, she might want to prepare fur the tropikhs of Pawsylvania

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Maybe woo khan have some ice khream!

  18. Tama, we think you have to put your paw down. Your #1 is FAR to busy when she should be staying home adoring you. But we have to admit that we hope she'll take some pics of the chicken. Hang in there, dear furriends!

  19. Queen Tama
    Fiwst you have to wowk so hawd snoopewvising and toy testing and babysitting and now you'll be abandoned fow days???
    That is not faiw.
    I will send you a boatload of my heat to make you cozy
    smoochie kisses and a good twip to #1 and Tommy

  20. It sounds like you are working furry hard babysitting and making sure the toys are safe! What are you going to do to exact your revenge for being abandoned?

  21. We are anxious to see how it goes without #1 around with the pipsqueak. We thinks it will be ok.Also, we really like your hammock. Purrs.

  22. that is like a 24 hour a day job, whew!
    Benny & Lily

  23. We want to thank you so, so much for coming by and saying such nice things on our blog. Jack's passing has been difficult, but with everyone's support, we are doing better every day. Baby definitely misses her companion of 15 years, but with special attention, she is pulling out of her grief.

  24. OMC! So yoo are Genji-sitting? Wot a responsibility!


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