Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sundry Snuggle Sunday

: With #1 being away a good chunk of this week, photo-taking has been severely affected and so we find ourselves unable to do our usual full snuggle post. sniff..... However, all is not lost! We do have a few pictures to share with you!

As soon as he was back home, I immediately went to have a mega-snuggle with Tommy!

We had visitors on Saturday who gave him rather a lot of attention too!

As for little Gen-Chan, he is a very fast learner. Here he is, first thing this morning, "stuck" to #1 in bed!

And here is my Bibi having an early-morning snuggle "on" #1!

This next one is not a snuggle pic per se, but it is full of love. It shows our Guardian Angel, Ms. S., teaching Vidock yesterday how to walk properly for his big in-hand presentation tomorrow:

And here we have Tommy again, snuggling with his current stuffie:

Our apologies for the lack of any Sei-Chan snuggle pics. We'll try to make up for that next Sunday!

One more word about Vidock's big day tomorrow. He is being shown as a 2-year old colt for pre-approval to go to the Nationals which, this year, coincide with the Percheron World Congress. Could we please ask for lots of paw crossings on Monday?


  1. I will cross all my paws for Vidock!

  2. Happy snuggling to all, and holding paws for Vidock!

  3. Bibi, I like your style : )
    and Paw crossed and purrs for Vidock
    Hugs to your mom

  4. Good luck to Vidock! He is mighty handsome but I am sure there will be plenty of competition to keep him on his toes.


  5. Vidock, absolutely my paws will be crossed for you! XOXOXOX

  6. Paw crossing? You've got it! Purrs? You've got those too! You are a beautiful boy Vidock! Much good luck to you. Maybe one day, your #1 can tell us more about your personality; the things that mane you "you".
    A photo of Sei snuggling is wonderful any day of the week, every day of the week!

  7. We are practicing crossing our paws ready for tomorrow so that Vidock is approved for the Nationals. We love Tommy's new stuffy bedfellow - we thought it was great that they were nose to nose!!

  8. That's LOTS of snuggling! We have our paws crossed for Vidock!

  9. We'll think you you tomorrow on Vidock's special day. Im sure it will be an emotional one. Equally sure that Ms S will be watching over.
    BTW On 'Kit's blog @ Dog Daze, is a beautiful video of a horse in a sprinkler..maybe you'll enjoy it too.
    Sending lotsaluv

  10. Best of luck with Vidock's debut,
    LSB in WNC!

  11. Good luck to you, Vidock! We are very proud of you!

  12. I wonder if Ms. S is available to teach my Lily how to walk properly on a leash
    Benny & Lily

  13. All paws are crossed here for Vidock's presentation!

  14. Oh, how we love those snuggly pics!!! Paws crossed for #1 and Vidock tomorrow - we know he will do very well.

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. Happy Snuggle Sunday to you. :)

  16. Fingers, toes, paws and eyes (May Ling) crossed for Vidock tomorrow!

    We like how Bibi is snuggling in the Valley of the Legs...that's Rupert's fave spot, too.

  17. Great snuggling photos - I always enjoy them :-)
    We are crossing paws for Vidock!!

  18. Paws crossed fur Vidock! We luf the snuggle pics! You know what we like to see! Purrs.

  19. Good luck Vidock!

    Mom and I love your snuggle pics BTW. She wants to just rush in and snuggle with you. Since she can't I make myself available. Pei laughter!


  20. May one send 'crossed paws for Vidock' even though one is not a cat? Or a cat owner? Or a paw owner if it comes to that??

    Looking forward to hearing how he conducted himself! Love from "the Island" where this pawless being is working on a Sunday night...but I have been rowing! DD

  21. Paws crossed for Vidock!!!


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