Sunday, 17 July 2011

Snuggles on Sunday

Well it's all very strange, you know.... When I first saw that little pipsqueak, I just hissed at him, and I am still hissing at him, but at the same time, I have come to feel a strange fascination for him, and I can sit for hours watching him. He is quite fearless and hisses back at me, then turns around and continues playing! Maybe he reminds me of the time I spent in that room with my own kits. Anyway... Here I am watching him play:

Settling down...

The little guy and my Bibi are beginning to bond really well. Here is Bibi supervising as Gen-Chan is eating (I have to confess that although #1 is doing a great job of guarding him as he eats his wet baby food, we have been raiding the dry food which is quite exquisite!

Here are the two of them, keeping #1 company in the back room:

#1 is hoping that it won't be long before my Bibi and Gen-Chan start to snuggle! But Gen-Chan is still frightened of Tommy, so that is going to take a bit longer.

In the meantime, Sei-Chan has been indulging in her usual snuggles with Tommy:

And Bibi has continued to find opportunities to snuggle with #1:

The baby also likes to stick fairly close to #1:

But he's never still for very long!

We also hear that Vidock as been moved away from Viking and Apollon and is now sharing a field with his big (two years older) half brother, Tom (!). Here they are, indulging in a bit of good-natured "horsing around"!

PS: By the way, any of you who have been missing my gorgeous boyfriend MISHA, you can get news of him here as his blog no longer exists (sniff...).


  1. We saw that Misha's blog is down the other day - what a shame that all the entries are gone!
    Such exciting days at your place with genji settling hin. We can't get ver his ginormous frootbattage. And Vidock looks SO manly horsng around with his bigger brother. We just realised that Genji is a bit colour-coordnated with Vidock. Ha!
    Have a good Sunday, it looks as if it's going to pour over here.
    Siena & Chilli

  2. Happy 1,002, or whatever today is :)

    I hope you all get to be friends with Gen-Chan, and that he does not turn into a monster like Teddy.

  3. I cannot wait until little Genji is snuggling up with Tom!

  4. Mum just put the computer on and we came straight over to see your Genji - he is such a sweetie and a
    lovely colour. Mum went back to Genji's arrival and we saw his first week with you all.
    Congrats on your 1000th post we think mum has seen about every one of them!!
    See you next week
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. We hope you all have a restful and snuggly Sunday!

  6. Good job keeping an eye on Genji, Tama-chama. I am so happy to hear that he and Bibi-chan are bonding. I'm sure that Tommy will continue to be the epitome of patience while Gen-chan gets used to him. Fortunately, Sei-chan is there to snuggle with him!

    And we agree with Siena and Chilli. Vidock is so very manly!

  7. We think by next week we'll see photos of Genji snuggling with at least one of you! Paws crossed.
    Vidock looks like he's enjoying a BIG brother, named TOM...what a coincidence!

  8. That's very snuggly. I am not having a good snuggle time - we were shut out of the nursery last night and I am not happy. But Gen-Chan, you asked me about Tommy. Now I have no experience of these dog things but I have read your blog a lot and can say that Tommy is a totally good dude and you can be utterly safe to snuggle with him. You can trust him totally and he will be loyal to you and look after you. And he's going to be warm and soft too which is even better!

  9. Awwww sweet ゲンちゃん!! He is at a very playful age :-) I think he reminds Tama-chan of the time she spent with her babies, too.
    Maybe Tommy looks too big for Gen-chan but I hope they will become snuggling buddies soon :-)

  10. I think Genji looks irresistible! I am sure Tommy will win him over in time, because he is way more gentle with you kitties than the dog here is with us kitties (she is not mean, she is just dumb - and loud - when it comes to cats).

    BTW, my human interviewed an Abyssinian breeder in San Juan Capistrano last week for a magazine and one of the kittens is going to France! She also got to take photos and says, "It wasn't more fun than photographing a barrel of monkeys - it WAS photographing a barrel of monkeys!"

  11. We are sure that Tommy will use his winning ways and charm Gengi into some snuggles before long. Why is it that the kitty or puppy food always tastes so good to us older furries?

    Hope you are all enjoying the weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. I agree with the OP pack and think we will soon see snuggly pictures as Tommy is sure to win him over. Hugs GJ x

  13. I think the Beebs will be lil Gen-Chan's first furriend. Hopefully, they all get along in the end! We luf the pics of the newest addition to your family!

  14. What a cutie!

    I'm back blogging now and have a new blog set up for my future furchildren. Please come by for a visit at

    Mom Paula

  15. Making furiends takes time. We are still working on it.

  16. Gengi is settling in nicely. He's setting his limits with his growl but he is standing his ground! He'll soon be comfortable enough around Tom to begin to make friends. After watching the other kitties snuggling, he won't want to be left out.
    He gets more handsome by the day! He really is a handsome prince! (We really love his name. )

  17. Cant wait till Gengi and Tom finally decides to snuggle!
    Keep us posted!


  18. Sure it will take some days... but soon you all be snuggling together!
    Glad to know Vidock is enjoying a good time with his brother Tom.
    Have a great monday!
    Kisses and hugs


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