Monday, 11 July 2011

Manly Monday

: I hear there's been all kinds of stuff going on at Poupounette Central with the arrival of a new kitty brother. Nobody has come to say hello to me yet... But! Believe me, I can tell you about having little brothers. I have to share my field with Apollon, one year-old and nothing but TROUBLE! I mean, just look at this:

Is that the kind of respect with which to treat your older brother?!

I am very respectful myself. Here I am, coming over to say hello to #1 and give her a big snuggle:

The colours in this next photo came out a bit strangely. Even with "work" it's not quite right, but #1 says I look most studly (!) in it so I am sharing it with you.

Tom: Did you miss us? We missed all of you! Do you have kitten fatigue yet? I have been lucky because I have still been getting my usual walks with #1. And I have to tell you, I am feeling just GRAND! #1 simply cannot keep me back any longer. Does this look like a woofie with a leg problem to you?

Thought not.. An this one?

It's so good to feel those ears flying again!

And last but not least from me, a nice manly portrait!

Bibi-Chan: I MISS MY #1!I hate the fact that she hasn't slept in our bed the last three nights, even though she does come back in there for an hour or two very early morning. An she has been giving me lots of treats and snuggles. But she's not there all the time! And I can see her looking at me, and thinking HE IS SO BIG! I guess my little bro is pretty little still... Do you think he is going to find me scary?

I just think it's going to be so cool to have someone to play with!

And someone to nap with!

Mancat-in-Training Contribution!

Genji: #1 says I am coming along really well. I have been playing up a storm and snuggling a lot with her. On Sunday, I finally relaxed enough to nap with her and she was able to take some very manly photos of me!


  1. That's a very manly Monday post! Tommy it's really good to see you running around - but don't go too mad! And Bibi-Chan, I really watch what you write closely as you know how worried I am about the arrivalS! I hope you can give me tips on how to make sure older brothers get respect and good treatment. I shudder at what you write - #1 is not sleeping in your ooops her normal bed because she is with the little kitten cat - now that is something I am not sure about at all. And Genji-Chan you do look very mature and wise for your age. And you certainly know how to turn on the cute factor.

  2. Bibi my friend, enjoy it while you can! Before you know it, he'll be chewing on your tail like SOME Ham-cats I know...

  3. It is so nice to see you all, but especially good to see Tom enjoying a good run in the field. I hope your leg is all better now.

  4. I cannot believe how Apollon disrespects you. Teenagers!


  5. BiBi, I love the photo you are on the red rug very very much.. You look so stunning !

    And Tommy, Not at all the first photo, you look like on patrol : )

    And Genji, Nice to meet you..sorry about yesterday, I got evil blogger crisis again while made a comment for you.

    Happy Mancat Monday, Guys

  6. All of you boys look great. Tommy we are so glad that you are able to run through the fields again. Apollon must be taking lessons in bad younger brother behavior. Can't wait to see pics of the kitty brothers meeting up.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  7. wonderful report! you are all so very manly!!

  8. What a wonderful manly post! We love ALL the pics.
    We're so glad Tommy is feeling better ~ wot a relief!
    And Bibi-Chan, yoo're gonna love yoor noo brofur, and he will love yoo too! Just wait and see!

  9. Oh my goodness gracious me, welcome little Gen-Chan! Aren't you absolutely utterly crazily gorgeous!!!?!?!?! Beebs, you're going to LOVE being a big brother! :)

  10. Yay! I'm all caught up on Genji-Chan's arrival! What a handsome prince indeed! Such unusual coloring. I look forward to a peek at his toes :).
    It is so good to see Tommy romping and flying again!
    Bibi is going to have such a great time with his new brother and teach him all sorts of manly things!
    All is well at The Poupounette!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  11. We are glad to see effuryone so grand. Little bruffers are good as they keep us on our toes Vidock. I am all fur little bruffers. You look mighty grand wif your flying ears Tommy and we hope to see you flying off wif your favourite tennis ball one offur these days.

    Tanaka-chan on behalf offur the amigos

  12. I love this manly postie. Vidock, you are a good model for others. It is okay to let the young ones take advantage of you, they know you will keep them in line.
    Tom, it is great that you can still get out and get the attention you deserve... you need your ears to fly!
    Bibi, you will be surprised to see what your #1 has been up to... I know you are getting suspicious.

    Genji, you are so cute so cute so cute. enjoy being a mancat in training.

    bonks to all of you

  13. Genii are you part Frenchie? Look at those ears, BOL. Oh Vidock the abuse you take from your brother
    Benny & Lily

  14. Oh what a doll you are! The Woman is squeeing like crazy and I don't think she'll ever shut up. If I have to put up with an abby cat in my life--it will be YOUR fault (even if she is partial to ruddys).

  15. Such manliness is quite breathtaking when contained in a single post. So happy to see Tommy up to his usual romping and poor Vidock. You have a great deal to teach your brother about being studly :)

    Bibi and Genji, can't wait to see your meeting!

  16. OMC! Vidock, you need to do the equine equivalent of an ear boxing! Impertinent little brothers!
    Tommy, we are glad to see your ears flying again, and we look forward to seeing you, Bibi and Genji all piled up together.

  17. It's great to see everyone looking so well - especially Tommy!

  18. What a post full of manliness! Vidock, you haf the patience of a saint! Tommy, it is great to see you doing so well. Bibi, you are going to love being a big brofur! I think. My big brofur says it's pretty good, most of the time. And Genji, look at you settling in! Such a sweetheart!

  19. Genji, it is nice to meet you. Bibi, you are as handsome as ever. Tommy love those ears. Fenris wants to come over and have a nice run with you. Vidock you are very studly and our Mommy is drooling over you. She wants to ride you.

  20. Thunder sympathizes with you, Vidock - he has quite the pest here too. Tommy, we are so excited to see those flying ears again, just be careful not to overdo it. Bibi - we can't wait to see you and Genji together - what fun you will have together.

    Ciara is worried that the girls are getting very outnumbered there. She thinks it is time for at least one more girl pup and girl kitty:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  21. You are quite a great looking boy, Vidock! Wow!
    We are overjoyed that you are feeling better Tom.. Bet it feels great to be back in the fields with ears in flight. Please ease back into play gradually so as not to hurt your leg again. We can't wait till you meet your little brother, Beebs! What a pair you'll be!
    Gen-chan! You are such an elegant boy! There is absolutely a regal air about you. We are so pleased you are adapting well. Love to you!

  22. Tommy, great to see you back running around again!

    We love all those manly photos today!

    Gen-Chan - looks like you're settling in really well!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  23. Love all the picyures and ohh that kitty. Mum was ohhing and ahhing. Glad you are feeling better Tommy.. Hugs GJ xx

  24. Vidock with those beautifully defined muscles you should easily be able to flee from your pesky brother! Tommy, it's good to see you running again:) Genji, your ears are sooo big they just might fly away on you! Be careful!
    the critters in The Cottage


    All is right with The World again!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! How are woo feeling today? AND when is THE day?

  26. Vidock you look gorgeous!
    Tommy you're doing pawsome!
    Beebs, we think you'll be a great brother! Genji, your photos make my mom act all stoopid! Squee!


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