Monday, 18 July 2011

Manly Monday - BoysX4!

: I think that everyone at the Poupounette is exhausted from all the happenings of the past week, but we are all happy! Little Genji is still a little scared of me but he is coming closer each day. I am feeling just fine and had a couple of great outings with #1. The first one yielded an extremely yummy beef rib bone:

And on the second one, I made a very cute new friend!

I am back to galloping over the fields although #1 is still holding back from the Frisbee and tennis ball. I finish my course of anti-inflammatories tomorrow and we will see how I do once I'm off the meds.

Vidock mentioned that he's now sharing a field with his other brother Tom, and #1 managed to snag this "Double Tom" shot!!!

Bibi-Chan: #1 keeps telling me that I am the best Bibi ever because I am being such a good big brother! The little squirt is pretty spunky and funny and I am enjoying him! We have started to play a little already. And I continue to keep a close eye on him!

I haven't really had time to do much else. It's hard work being a full-time brother!

Gen-Chan: Hi everyone. I have to tell you that life is GENJI-GOOD!!!!! I love my family! My big brother is the coolest ever. Mama-Tama is a little bit scary but I think she secretly really likes me, and Auntie Sei-Chan has the sweetest face! The big woofie still scares me a little, though.

I have been exploring the rest of the floor where my quarters are located, and this morning, I made a fabulous discovery!

They have an all-you-can-eat buffet here!!!

I am still spending most of my time playing:

And #1 says I have to devote a lot of energy to growing!

Vidock: #1 tells me we are now into countdown mode. Why, you may ask? Well, next Monday, I am going to be shown for the first time! The farrier is coming today to trim my hooves and put shoes on the front ones. Then tomorrow, #1 and Ms. S will do the initial "heavy grooming" to get the muck off me and check me out totally. Then, Ms. S will work with me to make sure I behave like a gentlecolt on the day.

#1 and Mr. E worked to prepare the wools for my braids last week. Do you like the colours?

As you know, I am now sharing a field with my big (BIG!) brother Tom de Prainville. He will also be coming along next Monday so I will have moral support! He and I get along pretty well:

And #1 says I look pretty good next to him, even though I am two whole years younger and far from being fully developed yet. Tom is my role model. Can you believe that his seed (frozen) will shortly be on its way to Australia?!

Still.. I have to be a teenager sometimes....

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Mr. GENJI..You are such a teaser ! " All you can eat " How you can show that in front of me, I'm on Diet ! And all I can eat in my house are whatever which is not food !!! Very sad life I have. I have to go for life food such as bugs, try to catch birdy but not successful.

    By the way, Happy Monday to you all : )

  2. Welcome Genji! We missed your debut because our Moms were travelling last week. One word of advice, keep your feet out of your all you can eat buffet.

  3. Hi boys!
    Tom kun, you are handsome and gentle. I love double Tom shot.
    Bibi kun and gen chan are great brothers.
    Vidock kun and big Tom kun are also KAKKOII!
    Say hello to all of your family!

  4. Happy Monday everyone! So glad you are all so full of beans today!

  5. We are so proud of you, Beebster. It is great to be such a welcoming big brother :)

    Vidock, we can't get over how manly you are. Lookit those great muscles! We like your colours very much.

  6. Vidock, we will all be purring for you on your big day! Your colors are awesome.

    Genji...what a little explorer you are...and the good part about putting your paws in your food is that you get to lick them clean! So even if you get chased away, you still have some treats!

  7. We're glad to hear you're still pain free Tom and what a lovely picture of you and Vidock together.
    We hope Vidock does well at the show. Bibi you are being such a good mancat looking after your new brother Genji.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Hi Tom and gang! Wow, pawsome horseys, good luck Vidock!
    Great Manly Monday pics!


  9. I am glad that you are settling in. Tom is kind of big but he is a sweetie and I think little Bibi has him wrapped around his paw! If you like Bibi I am sure you have nothing to fear!

  10. Love the colors for Vidock's braid!

    Bibi-chan, you are the best big brother ever! And Gen-chan, your frootbattage is still amazing even after a week or more of photos.

    Tommy,can't wait for the return of the frisbee and tennis ball!

  11. Oh such fun for all the boys. Tommy and Gengi - we know that Tommy will show you his gentle ways and soon you will be the best of snuggling pals. Bibi - we are so happy to hear what a good big brother you are - #1 must be so happy. And Vidock - those braids will be so beautiful against your handsome furs. Lots of luck with the showing.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. Wow - manliness overload. If you ever feel lacking in that department, wethinks young Jura could be sent over to you. We couldn't freeze him though1

  13. All you can eat buffet?! Heh. You would think our food is "limited edition," the way my human parcels it out! I am very excited about Vidock's first show!! I'm sure there will be lots of photos!

  14. There is so much news we don't know where to start!
    Tommy: Hurrah for beef bones!
    Bibi: Keep up the good Brothering.
    Genji: EAT!
    Vidock: Good Luck, and we can't wait to see you all decked out.

  15. Vidock your colours are beautiful, good luck next week!!!

  16. Great reports from efurryone! We knew Bibi would be the furrst kitteh to befriend young Genji! Glad all is well. Have a great week!

  17. We thouroughly enjoyed your four times manliness. So much going on for efurry single one of you, we wonder how #1 keeps up with you. How exciting that you will be shown, Vidock! Those braids will look lovely!

  18. Wow, so much news, it is a challenge to take it all in! Never a dull moment over there!

  19. Your little brudder is so darn cute
    Benny & Lily

  20. Vidock!That looked like quite the kick! Ouch! We hope you do extremely well in your first competition and we are certain you will with your good looks!
    Gen-Chan looks quite at home and we are certain he will be won over by Tommy's sweet nature in no time at all!
    the critters in The Cottage

  21. What an exciting time at Poupounette central ! Such wonderful goings on !
    You are a total darling Genji! So fulll of charm and personality. You and brother Bibi will make quite a pair! Goodness, those great good looks and charisma! Breathtaking!
    And Tommy , the big fellow? Why he is the most wonderful treat a kitty could have! Sweet and loving and he loves to cuddle too! So nice and warm on a cold winters night.
    Congrat's Vidock, you gorgeous boy! Going to show! We love your wools; the colours of summer freesia. Frolic and enjoy your teen years, dear. We are a short time young and a long time old! Love!

  22. Lots and lots of fun!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Love the Tom Tom shot!

  23. What a lovely, full of news, post! We love the pic of Genji with his paws in the buffet!


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