Saturday, 16 July 2011

It's Still SEIturday!!!

Sei-Chan: I was willing to be gracious for one week but that is THAT, Dear Friends. SEIturday is mine for always!!! I must tell you, though, that it has been a very odd week indeed over here. #1 has been mostly home but in an "away" kind of mode, behind the closed doors of the back room. As for nights! Oh the nights have been awful! She has been vanishing behind that closed door at bedtime, only emerging round 6 or 7am to regain our bed. The Beebs has been rushing to cuddle with her but I have basically been feeling too hurt.

And then on Friday, she finally left the door to the back room open and you have no idea of the awfulness that was in there!

Of course I went in there to investigate further...

#1 says he is a new little brother and that she hopes that he and Bibi will become best friends and keep each other entertained. Well, I suppose that would not be a bad thing, as long as they don't jump on me and I get my #1 time back very soon. In the meantime, I have also been consulting with Tama-Chan and Tommy on how best to tackle the issue:


  1. Good to hear from you, Sei-Chan. That is a sweet picture of you with your new brother: he doesn't seem on the defensive there. But the other pics of you are lovely!
    I think you and Tom and Tama-Chan can come up with a good policy for how to move forward.

  2. it's not often I agree with a girlcat, but I know how you feel!!!

  3. CUTE!!! :))

    Hope all works well for you! We think your new bro is just pawsitively purr-fect!


  4. Little brother is adorable, you gotta love him
    Benny & LIly

  5. That is it! You cannot be neglected. I, Crazypants Maui, am on my way RIGHT now to snuggle you and make you feel better! You look so ticked off in your first photo, my sweet.
    xx Maui XX

  6. You are looking mighty pretty today, Sei-Chan. Thunder says he would be very happy if someone would send a little pup pal to entertain Ciara so he could catch a break.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. You have been very gracious indeed, Sei-chan. Did you impress your new brother with hisses and growls? I hope you become friends with him too.

    Hugs and skritches to you!

  8. Genji looks like he is very curious about you, Sei! I hope he does not think he might be able to take any liberties with you, such as playing Ambush or rough housing! You ARE his elder, after all.

  9. Glad to see things are progressing so well. Beebs is gonna be a great sibling!

  10. Sei-Chan, we hope you all come up with a good plan on how to deal with the new addition. He is pretty cute...maybe you all should become good friends!!

  11. We love your picture/portrait Sei!
    We want to thank you all for sending thoughtful good wishes to Cookie, we appreciate this very much.

  12. Should I get my pawsport to khome 'help'?


  13. Sei-Chan, we think that "awfulness" is pretty adorable. We're sure you will love him too. It will be nice for Bibi to have another mancat-in-training to keep him occupied.


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