Friday, 1 July 2011

Fazed Friday!

Tama-Chan: So, WHAT, exactement, is going on around here? It has been a weird week. It was hotter than hell the first couple of days (it's now cool again). Then we had no power for almost two days. Then #1 and Tommy disappeared all day yesterday! And then... there are those weird photos popping up on the blog. I am FAZED, Friends!

Not quite frantic yet, but definitely fraught...... #1 has been mumbling about cleaning out the back room on Sunday. That's MY room, the place where I raised my kits. WHAT is she planning to put in there?

I need to calm down. Really. So here is a picture from our garden of our (calming) lavender which is in full bloom and attracting lots of butterflies, including this magnificent scarce swallowtail:

And look at this thistle!

I feel better already. And I WILL get to the bottom of this!


  1. Hi Tama!!
    Hope the room cleaning works out great!
    Those pics sure make me calm and look at that butterfly...!
    Have a great weekend!


  2. I'd help BUT my help might be a bit difFURent than what woo are needing!

    Great pikhs! It surely is a flutterby kind of day!

    PeeEssWoo: So Tommy, is the fit there?

  3. Uh-oh Tama. I think I know what those photos mean.

    And happy blogaversary! I am late, as usual.

  4. Well, you know we are all sitting on the edges of our chairs. Nothing sweeter than a new fur baby in the house. I wonder how Tama and Sei-Chan are going to react.

  5. We're sure you will find out what #1 has been keeping a secret from you furry soon Tama-Chan so don't lose any beauty sleep.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Hmmm, is there a new member joining the Poupounette family? I can't wait to find out!

  7. Oh no...guess we will have to wait until Sunday to see what she is up to.

  8. I haf a feeling I know what is going on . . .

  9. Has your Mom been leaving strange-smelling cloths around the house, too? Does the word "pest" ring a bell?

  10. Oh dear, BOL, don't get your paws in an uproar it's to hot
    Benny & LILY

  11. Tama-darlin', I have a sneaking suspicion...But, I trust your #1. She is so good to you all, she will do only happy things for your furramily.
    And this interloper! This Le Pop-up Chat! Monsieur Pop-up, you are a mystery and we shall be watching for you!

  12. Such good pictures! I can almost smell the lavender and hear the buzzing. I'm jealous -- it is way to hot here for lavender.
    Relax, Miss Tama, it will all work out.......

  13. I can't wait until you get the bottom of it all. Until then I shall enjoy the lands around Biltmore and dream of real French Chateaus... The Woman so needs to get the Male to take her back...

  14. We are looking forward to you getting to the bottom of this too, Tama-chama!

  15. The scent of lavender on the fresh air! What could be more lovely? Except you! And Sei-Chan! Andb the Beeb, Tommy and Vidock! Boys can be lovely too!
    If a new kitty joins you, just remember there is strength in numbers!
    Love to all!/

  16. I think you will be needing LOTS of lavender, Tama!

  17. We want to get to the bottom of it too!!! And do those swallowtails taste nice ? You are meant to swallow them, right?

  18. hmmmm. Tama, you might need a tiny pipe and deerstalker outfit to solve the Mystery!

  19. Oh, such pretty pics - love that lavender and thistle and the butterfly and bee too. We think you will like what happens in the back room, we are all looking forward to hearing more.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  20. We love that butterfly - absolutely beautiful and that bee is wonderful too!

    Can't wait to see what happens ....

    Have a lovely weekend
    Clive and Murray


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