Sunday, 18 April 2010

Snuggles and Hard Work on Sunday

There were such nice comments yesterday about it being a long time since I posted that #1 said I could have today's post too! I am happy to tell you that the weather is gorgeous and we have all been out in the run, including #1 as she has been installing our second sky hammock at last!

We have a few prize snuggle pics for you today, starting with quite an unusual one of me sharing a snuggly nap with Yuu-Chan:

Actually, we are both also snuggling with #1 as we were sharing the nap with her!

And one of Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan:

I think Bibi-Chan has now officially taken over from me in terms of Tommy snuggle-time. Those two are absolutely inseparable!

Although I haven't given up entirely!

No snuggle pics of Tama-Chan this week. She has been working through some issues with Yuu-Chan, and will tell you about them on Tuesday.

Now, the title may have gotten you a little worried, but don't! We have not been working hard! Yesterday afternoon, #1 joined some friends who were clearing trees from a wood using their Percheron horses, who were indeed working hard. Here are some pictures for you:

The great advantages of using horses in this type of work is that they don't cause any damage to the forest floor, unlike tractors and trucks, and they don't make any noise. They are happy to work and there wasn't ever the sound of a voice being raised. And they are so beautiful to watch!


  1. The horses are magnificent! We bet they were happy to be working, too, since they are built for it!

    Tommy, King Snuggler!

  2. Pawesome pikhs!

    Thanks fur sharing all them!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Woo really are a khat magnet!

  3. Those horses are great! Nice to see them enjoying a fun day of work. Of course I think snuggling is a more practical activity.


  4. How lovely to see the horses working in the wood - just as life used to be.
    We loved the pictures of BiBi-Chan snuggling with Tommy.

  5. We think Tommy is so awesome, he seems to really love all of you and visa versa. We also enjoy the shots of the Percheron horses at work. Those draft horses live for this kind of hard work, they must have been very happy, kind of like Tommy is when he gets to run and fetch. xoxo

  6. It was a real treat to hear from you two days in a row, Sei-Chan:) We think all of that snuggling that Bibi saw you do with Tommy helped him to embrace his inner cuddlepuss.

    The horses are magnificent! Thankyou for sharing the pictures.

  7. Love all the pictures, the horse are magnificent. You guys have quite the life out there. Enjoy your Sunday.

  8. We need to get Mommy one of them horses, she seems to think poor Fenris is suppose to pull her garden wagon for her.

    Nice to see all of you napping together. ~AFSS

  9. OMD, I have to alert Alpha Mom to this post. Of course, once I do I won't be able to tear her away from the computer. Those are amazing photos. All winter we wished we could be driving with Sgt. Pepper and a sleigh instead of trying to get through the snow in our cars. Sometimes horses are just so much better.

    wags, Lola

  10. Lovely horsey pictures. So serene looking, kust like your snuggle photos !

  11. We just love your snuggle bug pictures
    Benny & Lily

  12. Uh oh! Now Jonesie is pestering my mom to get her a horsie to help her in her garden!

  13. Mommy thinks the way all of you cuddle is the BEST. We aren't huge cuddlers, just the twins.
    We like the horsies--are they ever ridden? We imagine all 12 of us would fit on one horse!
    xx Lounge Kats

  14. I am glad it was the horses who worked and not you! Those were some nice snuggles. I do wish I had friends to snuggle with. Gemini is just not a snuggler.

  15. You had me worried at the "working hard" bit. Although I see you have all been working hard at snuggling!

  16. Oh Tommy, you are just so handsome - we LOVE every one of those pics of you. We can't wait to hear what Tama-Chan has to tell us. And those horses are just so impressive.

    Have a great week.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  17. I want to come snuggle with you guys!

    Those horses sure are beautiful.

  18. Wow! Beautiful horse pictures! They're really something huh? Luv the shot of Tommy and Bibi snuggling, sooo purrrfect!


  19. Mum has to show Grampie these pictures of the horsies. He used to do this when he was a little wafer many, many years ago.

  20. We really enjoyed seeing the photos of the horses. There are so many advantages to horsepower over machine power.

  21. Beautiful horses. Magnificent comes to mind. I hope that Tama-chan is not working too hard or her issues with Yuu-chan aren't too bothersome :)


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