Monday 5 June 2023

Manly Monday


Ollie: Woofy new week, everyone! Ollie here. #1 was very pleased with this portrait of me she took in the garden yesterday. She says I look both very manly and regal!

Momo: It shall never be said that I, Momo, do not know how to relax!

Benny: #1 is convinced that I have some Meezer blood because I am always singing!

The Big V (posting remotely): I think they like me here. They keep taking photos of me!

On this Monday, we also have some sad news to share. Two of our very long-time blogging friends went to the Bridge over the weekend.

The first was perfect ginger boy, Tanaka-Chan, over at the Cat Tales blog:

And the other was Harley who was always spoiling legendary Daisy's good time but then became a perfect big brother to Gibson and Tangerine. They do not blog anymore but have a strong presence on Facebook:

Both were friends since kittenhood and our early blogging days. We will miss them and send comforting purrs to their families.


  1. hugs to your riends... that are sure such sad news... sigh...

  2. Stunning are a good looking bunch and pose very well.
    Sorry to hear your sad news :(

  3. Oh, Vidock has a new home?? Wow, we have not been visiting much lately, so we had to read through the various posts to find out... Hope he does well, there!

    Nice portrait of you, Ollie! And you mancats certainly are eye pleasing as well!

    Sorry that your #1 lost some good kitty friends. Hugs to their families.

  4. Those are handsome photos of all of you. It is always sad to lose more friends. I remember Harley and Daisy from their blogging days. Also Daisy's older sister who loved bananas. I can't for the life of me remember her name, but no doubt as soon as I hit Publish it will come to me.

  5. Momo, you have relaxing the cat way down purrfect.

  6. Oh Ollie - we barely could get beyond the FURst shot - incroyable!

    Of course, thanks for sharing all of the other shots - and news -


  7. We have the sads for your friends who've flown to the Bridge.
    Benny, darn, that's a big yap you have!

  8. condolences to them for their loss. Ollie, you do look like a king looking out over your kingdom. all you need is a crown.

  9. I really love to hear Benny sing =^x^=
    It's so sad for the news of our friends.

  10. You boys all look great today! We're sorry to hear your friends went to the Bridge recently.

  11. It sure is nice to see all of you looking all fabulous! That's very sad about more Bridge crossings, purrs and hugs all around.

  12. We are sorry about your friends ! Too many kitties have gone OTRB lately.


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