Friday 5 March 2021

V&H Vendredi


Heloise: Filly Neighs, Everyone! Your very own black beauty here to give you an update on my schooling and a round-up of the latest news about the rest of us Poupounette horsies.

This past week, Ms. C has been working in the vineyard so we couldn't have any lessons, but I did get a good session in the week before. I was a lot calmer right from the start this time and around. Here we are setting off:

It was really pretty where we went, and Ollie and Noelle came along too!

Ms. C said I was a very good girl.

She even dragged a swingletree alongside me for a bit, to make sure I wasn't scared. In case you were wondering, swingle trees (often called singletrees in North America) are used for a lot of hitching.

I didn't mind at all, and neither did my two supervisors!

In other news, here is my big Sis, Violette, with her latest boyfriend, Anatole. Don't mind her ears, she likes to keep the boys in line!

Our Mama, Hotesse, always has her ears pointing forward when #1 is around. I think she is so happy with her life now!

Here is a mother/daughter pic of Violette (L) and Hotesse (R). Don't you think they look like sisters?

And here is the Big V looking quite pensive:

There is a bad epidemic of equine herpes virus, aka rhinopneumonitis, in Europe at the moment and all equestrian events have been cancelled in ten European countries. Most heavy horse owners do not vaccinate their horses against EHV, but we are vaccinated, with the exception of Mama Hotesse who has never been vaccinated for anything (and #1 didn't think we should start at her age), so that will hopefully keep us safe.


  1. oooh that are such super news... and we are happy that you all have a goooooood life...

  2. Looks like you enjoy your training Heloise.
    Good to see the others enjoying the day as well.
    Purrs that nasty virus does not come to your area.
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Y'all really are most beautiful and we hope that evil disease keeps far away from all of you.

  4. You are doing great with your lessons, Heloise. We have our paws crossed that the nasty virus doesn't visit any of you.

  5. You all stay healthy! Horses, cats and humans.

  6. Wonderful images of all of you!
    I have friends in the UK with horses; hope that virus stays away from all of you.

  7. Hope that virus mness stays away from all of you and your other horsey friends, too. Sheesh, what next?

    Glad you are doing well with your lessons, Heloise.

  8. I am glad you were a good girl for your schooling, Heloise. It was nice to have Ollie and Noelle to keep you company too. I hope the EHV keeps well away from your area. I haven't heard of any cases in the UK, but there is an outbreak of Strangles on Dartmoor. That is quite normal at this time of year though.

  9. We heard of that epidemic here too, and hope it stays away from all of you. We're proud of you, Heloise, nice to see you're doing great with your lessons. You are a beautiful family ! Purrs

  10. WoW! This disease is scary. We hope that you guys stay OK. Heloise, look at you go! You are doing so well! Dragging sings and the dogs did not bother you at all! How cool is that! And Heloise and Violette do look a like! It is great to see Vidock too! Have a marvellously Happy Day!


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