Thursday 18 March 2021

Tama on Thursday


Tama-Chan: Can you believe how huge a presence a tiny little cat could have? We can. We are wondering how to rearrange our blog days. There are of course four horses and their stories should probably get more exposure but that of course depends on when #1 can go to see them. She hasn't been of late, for various reasons. She is hoping to go on Sunday. In the meantime, today also being a T day, I decided to step up. I hope you don't mind. Hey, do you remember when Sei-Chan tried to hijack Thursdays by calling them "Thei-Chan Thursdays"? She would make us laugh!

As Ollie mentioned yesterday, it's important to forge ahead and be brave, so I have resumed my training. This next photo is a sort of half-way mark between abdominal work and upward dangles:

This is what I call a relaxed dangle...

By the way, did I mention that #1 has asked the animal communicator lady to talk to me, to figure out what would be best for me going forward, in terms of feline company? We'll let you know what the outcome is.

And we also are hosting Camp Ollie from today through Saturday, so Fernant will be around, and #1 will also be looking after little Shana.


  1. oooh a weekend with a pyjama party? how great ;O)

  2. When the time comes I am sure #1 will know what to do about another kitty .
    I always like your dangles and these ones are pawsome.
    Your weekend is shaping up to be fum with company coming!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. It will be very interesting to know what the communicator says. You are doing a good job with your training.

  4. You are quite skilled at those upward dangles, Miss Tama-Chan. We hope you tell that communicator that another kitty (or two) would be welcome at the Poupounette.

  5. You're a sweetie Tama, thanks for stepping up. Your upward dangles are super impressive! We know how difficult it is trying to rearrange blogging day schedules.

  6. Those are great variations on "The Dangle'!

    It is hard to make adjustments so severe, but you and Ollie are helping a lot.


  7. Tama! We love your dangle variations! We too have to practice, but the weather has been so nice we have been outside soaking up the vitamin D! There are some great sunny sleeping spots. It sounds like you are going to have loads of Woofie company! We hope you have some nice high locations to practice dangles! We hope you all have marvellously happy days!

  8. Tama, you know how to make us smile.

  9. I will be interested in hearing what the animal communicator says.


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