Sunday, 21 March 2021

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: Today is Sunday, Dear Friends, It is snuggle day and it is spring, but absences are still weighing heavily on our minds. Still, we were fortunate to have Fernant with us the past three days and he brought some smiles with him. I love snuggling with him!

And so does Ollie:

Here I am, having a snuggle with #1:

Ollie snuggled up on the pillow next to #1:

I also love to sit with Ollie:

This picture is a little bit sad, but it is one of the last ones of little Genji  curled up on #1's lap, as he would do every chance he got. He was gone two days later.

#1 is going to visit the horses this morning, and she will hopefully get lots of snuggle pics for next week. Fear not, Dear Friends, we will snuggle on!


  1. Such wonderful snuggles :)
    I love snuggles too. They make you feel loved and safe and happy.
    I knoe Genji got lots of snuggles before he had to go.Purrs to you all!
    Purrs, Julie

  2. I know you will both make sure that #1 keeps getting plenty of snuggles.

  3. You all really do have the best snuggles and it's important to make sure #1 gets a great big helping.

  4. I had a nice snuggle with mum this morning too. Keep snuggling.

  5. Those are all such sweet snuggle pictures.

  6. We hope all the snuggles you are getting with #1 are comforting to all.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. I'm glad you got some snuggle pics in. I'm looking forward to seeing the Vs and family!

  8. Those are some great snuggles especially that one with Genji. He is so missed.

  9. We are so glad that you guys have been snuggling #1, each other and Fernant! The one with Genji made Mom cry a little. We are late getting out to visit. People have discovered that Mom is back in the Boundary and she is retired.

  10. Those snuggles are the best medicine for sadness...they don't make it go away, but they comfort so well...

    Snuggle on!


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