Tuesday 9 March 2021

Tama-Chan Tuesday


Tama-Chan: Hello everyone, and welcome to my weekly post. First of all, I want to thank everyone who left such sweet comments for Genji in yesterday's post. After looking really awful on Sunday, he had a better day yesterday and ate well. The aloe vera gel is being picked up by #1 this morning. The transport company used by the retailer is a catastrophe and we have had several bad experiences with them. Since we live in a rural area, they don't even bother to try delivery and dump the package at a collection point but don't bother to let us know where it! We finally found out yesterday but most shops in rural France are closed on Mondays (don't ask...). Anyway, fingers crossed it will help the Blue Boy. We also ordered probiotics for him.

Yesterday, I found a very nice sunpuddle and sat there, with my paws crossed:

And, as you can see, I was not alone!

You know, it's a strange thing. Once upon a time, I thought it would be nice to be an only cat and get all of #1's attention. But then, Sei-Chan left, and then Beebs left, and now I'm thinking I would really like to hang on to the Shining Prince.... I hope I get my wish.

As I mentioned, the sunpuddles have been lovely the last few days, although it's also been very cold overnight. Still, we bask and bask!

We did get some sad news yesterday from our friends at Cat Tales in Singapore. Their beautiful girl, Miss Akira went to the Bridge. She had been fighting pancreatitis. Sweet Akira originally came to San from the SPCA in Singapore at the age of five months, and she was with her for almost 16 years. She had a bunch of issues along the years, and San looked after her with such love:

Enjoying a special Chūru treat to make up for wearing a cone when she overgrooming:

On an outing with her bro, Bujang:

She even regularly went to acupuncture with her sister, Popps:

Goodbye, Sweet Friend. May your memory always bring smiles to those who knew you.


  1. Tams, nothing beats a sunbeam for napping. It is warm and cozy :)
    I am purring Genji will improve and that the aloe helps.
    I am sorry to hear about pretty Miss Akira.
    Purrs to her family.
    Purrs, Julie

  2. Sorry to hear of Miss Akira's departure...what a pretty girl, and may I add, the most beautiful cone I have ever seen! Good news to hear about the Blue Boy and very kind comments Tama-Chan! Wishing you all a peaceful and successful day at Poupounette Central :) Lorine xx

  3. We are praying that things will be better for Genji with the aloe. The meds that you sent us worked very well for Akira. She was comfortable and was eating well but her inflamed intestines were too much for her. Thank you very much for this tribute. Akira would have loved it as she was cat who liked family and sweetness.I once asked her what family was. She said just sitting quietly with each other - san

  4. hugs to your friends... and positive thoughts... do you mean mondial relay? then we totally understand!!!

  5. Oh, that is good that Genji decided to have a good meal! That would warm your heart as much as mine.

    Hope the aloe vera will help.
    In addition to Famitodine (Pepcid), Pipo was on omaprazole (Prilosec). And prednisolone.

    Minko was also on those for three years before he had his stroke at 12.5 years.

    Tama-Chan, you have a huge sun puddle!! How wonderful!

    We'll keep on pulling for Genji, and we send love, hugs, POTP and pawyers.

  6. Tama! Darling! You look magnificent! You do have some gorgeous sun puddles at your place. We love sunpuddles! We are so glad Genji is feeling better.
    Just to let you know, Mom was too upset to comment yesterday and had to wait until today. She was doing the happy dance when she saw that Genji is feel a little better. We will keep the purrayers going!

  7. We are sorry about your friend Akira - but happy to hear good news about Genji - we hope the aloe vera gel helps !

  8. I'm so sorry about your friend Akira, and I am continuing to purr lots for Genji!

  9. That was a very sweet post Tama. We're so glad to hear that Genji had a better day and we hope it continues. We are so sorry to hear about Miss Akira, that's very sad.

  10. I am glad Genji had a better day yesterday. As long as there are good days there is always hope. I hope the aloe vera gel and probiotics help.
    Your Chronopost sounds like our Yodel. My heart always sinks when I hear they are doing a delivery as I know there will be problems getting the package.
    I am sorry to hear of your friend Akira and send my condolences to her family.

  11. We're glad to hear #1 has found the wayward aloe vera gel and our paws are crossed that it helps Genji feel better. You look very beautiful in all you poses, Miss Tama Chan.

  12. Tama, we hope your Shining Prince gets to stay by your side for a very long time. All paws crossed. And soft woos and gentle hugs to the family of Aldra.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. Tama, I hope you and Genji get to hang out for a long time. I’m sorry to hear about Akira. Sending lots of purrs to her family. ~Ernie


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