Monday 15 March 2021



Rainbow Genji: Mee-Yow everyone! Sei-Chan said it would be OK for me to host this from my new digs over at RB. Oh boy! That last day was a baaaaaad day. I had been feeling OK, even though I was pretty skinny and had lost a lot of muscle mass, and then I got the shakes! I promise I did not steal any of #1's whisky. Anymeow, the world started going every which way and I was so scared. #1 scooped me up and held me until it stopped. She said it felt like there was an earthquake inside me. Things just went downhill from there, and then we went for a car ride. The nice Ms. M wrapped me in a fleece blankie and held me in her arms. I could see #1 right in front of me, and she put her hand on me whenever she could (it's a stick shift car...). And then things started to get dark, and I thought I was falling asleep... All of a sudden, I open my eyes and what do I see? Da Beebs and Tommy running towards me! And behind them was Sei-Chan (she's still a little chubby), and then there was the guys I had heard about but never met: Yuu-Chan, Sen-Chan and Ikkyu. A little shyly off to one side was Trav. I said hi because I remembered seing him from the window and from the cat run, and he purred at me! And I felt strong! And healthy! And then I looked around for #1 but she wasn't there  I was sad, but Tommy told me that she would be coming eventually but that, in the meantime, it was our job to watch over her.

We had a lot of catching up to do and since I didn't know everyone, I decided to tell them my story.

I was born in south west France and I sang so much as a baby that I ended up with a tiny voice!

When I was just a little over 3 months old, I got on a big flying machine and went north where I met #1. I loved her as soon as I met her:

This was me just when I arrived home. #1 had prepared a special private suite for me!

It took me some time to grow into those frootbats:

But I knew I was home with my new #1:

And then Da Beebs came to say hi and he was HUGE!

Then I met Sei-Chan:

I discovered #1's bed!

It was a popular place:

This was my first official portrait, two weeks after I arrived:

I loved to play!

Woofie Tommy and I became friends:

Those were such happy, happy times, and they continued for the next few years. We were all young, healthy and happy. We had fun, snuggled, ate well, and played. There was so much to smile about!

I had a voracious appetite and kept being told off by #1 for trying to steal everyone else's food! And of course, I had the best big brother:

Everyone kept saying how cute I was...

There were Christmases:

There was snow:

And there was grass:

And there was always my #1 whom I loved more than anyone:

I had the perfect life.

And then, in February 2016, not long before my fifth birthday, I got really sick with acute pancreatitis and had to be hospitalised:

#1 held my paw but I was scared:

I was so happy when I came home, and Tommy looked after me:

For months, I had to eat a special diet of just chicken:

I got better but my next blood test showed that I was positive for the coronavirus which triggers FIP. Dr. C told #1 that I was a ticking time bomb and that my life should be as stress-free as possible, but things could change for me from one minute to the next. And you know what? We got another five years before the whole thing got to be too much! I got five extra years of cuddles and my family! What do you say to that? I would have really liked to make it to ten, but I am thankful for all that extra time with #1 and my family. And I confess that, when everyone started to leave, I got a bit sad and stressed. It got harder and harder for #1 to keep weight on me and keep me eating. But when young Ollie arrived, after Tommy left, I was the first one to become his friend!

I tried to be a good brother, and a good boy for #1. I am a little worried about how many cuddles she is going to get now that I am gone, but Ollie and Tama said they would step up, and I hope there will be other kitties too.

This is the last picture of the three of us together. It was taken on Thursday, a few hours before I had that seizure:

But I would rather you remember me when I looked better, such as in this great portrait taken by Mr. G just a month ago.

It was a good life, dear friends. I had the greatest gift anyone could ask for, to be loved unconditionally. I shall return on Saturdays with the rest of the Bridge gang so you won't have any chance of forgetting me!

Oh, and before I go, I wanted to tell you one more thing. I know how much my #1 loves me and I wanted to do something really special for her. Her private nickname for me had always been GG. She thought it didn't stand for anything in particular, but I knew.  And so I decided to give her Genji's Gift. You may not know that France has lagged behind terribly on covid vaccinations and #1 was really keen to get hers, especially that she will be travelling in the summer. But there was no way she could get an appointment. Everywhere was short of vaccines. So, as I started my journey to the Bridge, I waved my magic whisker. Ten minutes later, she got a call from a retired physician friend who is volunteering at our local vaccination centre, telling her they had a spare dose, and could she come down immediately?

From now on, I shall be Genji The Protector. And I've started working on getting that knee of hers back to 100%. That will be my legacy.


  1. we will keep you in our hearts dear boy and in our memory you are always with us... furever&ever... and hugs to your #1 we hope everything goes well... as it can be...

  2. As sad as I am at your leaving, I must say you did have a wonderful life Genji :)
    You really are Genji the protector too!!
    Now #1 has some protection against that nasty Covid.
    I will miss you though.
    Purrs, Julie

  3. A life is measured not by length but by how good it is, and although we are very sad you didn't get longer on earth Genji, we know your life was truly wonderful. We're so happy to hear that the gang were all waiting there to greet you at the Bridge, that's so comforting. Sending you love and blessings always. And HUGS for your family and friends still here on earth.x

  4. Genji, I am so glad that you were greeted by family and friends at the Bridge and that you will be watching out for #1. And you already helped #1 get her vaccine - you remain a force of good and of beauty. I look forward to hearing from you on Saturdays. Shine on, Prince Genji. You are missed and loved.

  5. Dear Genji, your life may have been shorter than hoped for, but it was full of love. #1 will miss you terribly as will we all, but she knows you are healthy and pain free now, and you and your family will all watch over her. That was a wonderful gift you gave her.

  6. Oh Genji the Protector, we're sure your #1 will forever be grateful for your final good deed. What a wonderful, though tear-jerking story of your beautiful life. We're so glad everyone was there to greet you once you crossed the Bridge. To be loved unconditionally truly is the greatest gift. Bless you, dear Prince.

  7. Steph from WI USA15 March 2021 at 11:08

    That was beautiful. I am sure GG will keep watch over you all.

  8. Dear Genji. You will always be in our hearts and our minds. Till we all meet again. ❤️

  9. O, little Genji. I felt it the second you leaped out of my arms and onto the Rainbow Bridge. Your body gave a last almost imperceptible shiver, and you were gone. It was a beautiful moment, really. Like you--so spiritually elegant. I'm going to miss you. I'm so sorry I had to squeeze you tight when #1 gave you medications, but it seems like they made you feel better. Keep on being the Protector, ok? And have fun with your friends! Love, Ms. M.

  10. Prince Genji, your post has made us all so very sad and teary-eyed. You really did live the life of a very special and beloved Prince. We only wish you had more time here with #1 and your family. You fought the good fight, but for whatever reason you were needed across the RB. Keep on giving that GG to 3!, and kudos on your final gift to her.

    Hugs and Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber, and Mom Kathie too

  11. We will always remember you as the special gift you were sweet Genji and I knew your Rainbow family would be there to greet you. We sure miss you though.

  12. Dear Genji, Thanks for reminding us of what a wonderful life you had. We're sad for #1, Ollie and Miss Tama-Chan that you didn't have more time with them but your lasting legacy will be your final gift to #1. We're glad to hear she got her vaccine and we know you will be looking down and protecting her forever.

  13. Mum is all leaky eyed again. Farewell Genji, enjoy being with all the RB gang. Thanks for getting #1 her vaccine gift.

    1. Dearest Gengi, Saying goodbye is such a hard thing to do. I am not saying goodbye to my memories of you though. As long as we take the time to remember and share what a wonderful cat you were, your memory forever lives on. Your lovingness and warmth touched us all, and we are all so much better for knowing you through #1s blog. We know your bright soul will continue to shine through as you forever remain in our hearts. We know the befores were all there to greet you and you all will continue to care and watch over your #1. You will be missed. We send #1 our love, gratitude, virtual hugs and strength. Love Barb

  14. That was such a loving and heartfelt tribute, dear Angel Genji!
    THought there are sad tears upon earth right now, we know you are much happier and healthier at the RB with all your furmily who got there before you, and all your many angel furends, too.

    We are glad you had a wonderful loving earthly life, and all the memories you made will be put into the treasure box of your #1, to be cherished forever.

    Sending lots of hugs to #1, Ollie and Tama-Chan.
    We know you are watching over them all.
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. We were so sad for #1 when you we heard you had left. We know how hard it is for the humans to lose their special kids and you were one special boy. How lovely of you to make sure she got her vaccine!

  16. I'm am crying right now. This post is so precious. ~hugs~ Blessings and healing wishes to all.

  17. What a sweet post. I'm so sad Genji's life was cut short, but I think he made the most of every moment. Lots of purrs to you all.

  18. Dear Genji,
    Thank you for watching over #1 as she watched over you in the earthly and carnel world.
    You are now a star among her stars.

  19. What a beautiful post so full of love, Genji ! We had not known of The Pouponette for all that many years and are glad to learn the extent of your story ! We know you will continue to watch over # 1 and your whole family ! Purrs.

  20. Dear Shining Prince that you always will be... I look forward to Saturdays and hope #1, Tama-Chan and dear Ollie get comfort from knowing that you are still touching us all, helping us to be thankful for what we have. And we will always have you in our hearts. Lots of love, Lorine, Simon and the Island Chans xxx

  21. What a wonderful life you had here, Genji...though I wish you could have stayed longer. We’ll miss you. But we know you’re with the others that went before you...and you all are watching out for #1 and Ollie and Tama-Chan.

  22. What a life!

    So many khuddles
    So many furieds
    So much LOVE

    Now that you are at The Rainbow Bridge, please ask NAT to point out NAK and NAL - I'm sure they will want to woooo bonjour!

    AND you shall be NAFP

    NAK's and NAL's #1
    PeeEssWoo: How khool you helped #1 secure a 'jab' !

  23. Dear Genji, you had such a wonderful life ! You'll be forever in our heart. Purrs, and hugs to #1

  24. We'll miss you, Angel Genji, while we all are still on Earth.
    Looks like we won't be able to get a vaccine for a while yet.

  25. A good life indeed, may we all meet again,


  26. Genji, GG, your story though I knew much of it -made tears. I miss your beautiful face, and your precious little life. You were and are important to #1, but to we, your good friends, as well. XOX


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