Sunday, 15 March 2020

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: In this time of the Coronavirus, self-confinements and travel restrictions, this is probably going to shock you but... #1 is off to England tomorrow. There are a couple of things she absolutely needs to do over there, so she is leaving Monday morning, taking a train around noon through the Eurotunnel, and all being well, taking a train back late afternoon on Wednesday. She will stay overnight near the tunnel arrival port, and drive home on Thursday morning. May I ask for some crossed paws that everything goes smoothly for her?

We have been doing quite a bit of snuggling. #1 is out and about more and more but she still spends some time with us on the sofa, which is excellent. This is often the scene, with Genji on #1 and me right next to her:

Sometimes, I get her just to myself!

Last Sunday, Mr. G and Ms. N came for tea, and Mr. G took some great snuggle shots! Here I am, snuggled up to him:

Here is a lovely one of Ollie and Ms. N:

And he got a shot of a Genji/Ollie snuggle!

He also took a lovely series of shots of Genji snugging with #1:

#1 managed to get some snuggle selfies, with Violette:

And The Big V:

We wish you all a very snuggly Sunday!


  1. These photos are all just lovely, but the one of Ollie and Ms. N is classic. Have a great Sunday.

  2. Those are such wonderful snuggles everyone! Purrs to #1, we hope she doesn't get stuck in a quarantine coming and going, yikes!

  3. I think if you are going to travel, and have to travel, then now is the time to do it, before things get shut down. On plus side you do get lots of snuggles to make up for the absence and it does make the heart grow fonder. More importantly, the treats become more frequent and profuse ;) MOL
    Have a great relaxing sunday, and thanks for some great snuggle selfies.

  4. I'm definitely crossing my paws that all goes well for #1! Most of our therapy cat visits have been cancelled for now, so snuggling is pretty scarce around here.

  5. I hope everything goes well for your visit to England. I know #1 will be very careful and will get back safely to you. Hopefully the the train will continue to run. The Santander and Roscoff ferries from Plymouth announced today that they have suspended their service.
    Those are lots of lovely snuggles.

  6. Purrayers and POTP for #1's travels (and anyone else who has to travel too). It seems animals are not in danger of catching this, so that is a relief to all of us with furiends.

  7. We have our paws crossed for #1 on her journey. You all look so great all snuggled up to each other.

  8. We love all the snuggle shots!
    We purr all goes well with the trip.
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  9. Nice snuggles! We purr that #1 has a safe trip...and hurries home to all of you.

  10. We will be crossing our paws that all goes well for #1 and there are no return travel restrictions for her. All the best to her. We can see there was a lot of snuggling going on before she leaves.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  11. Snuggles and safe travels to #1.

  12. Oh I hope #1’s trip will go safely and smoothly without any disruption. Your snuggling photos are so sweet. I especially love Genji/Ollie snuggle picture :-)


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