Thursday, 21 November 2019

Thinking Thankful Thursday - Asking For Your Help!

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone. Violette here. Today, #1 asked me to help her with a very, very special post. As you know, I was born next to Poupounette Central to my Mama, Hotesse. #1 bought me seven years ago, after I spent an entire winter alone and not looked after. Since that time, Mama Hotesse has had four foals, Bichette, Doucette, Ebene and Heloise. Sadly, both Bichette and Doucette ended up on the meat lorry (#1 tried to save Doucette and was told she had been bought by someone, but was not able to confirm this). Ebene, the only boy, she found a home for in Germany. And now there is Heloise, who is still with her Mama.

#1 has been worried about Hotesse and Heloise. The owners/breeders are minimalists in terms of looking after their horses, and they keep complaining that it's all too much trouble and they want to get rid of them. #1 has been very worried about them. Hotesse is now 25 years old, so she is an old lady who deserves to live our her golden years in the best conditions. Heloise is drop-dead gorgeous and also deserves the best home possible. #1 and Ms. C, who boards the Vs, have been discussing the situation. Both #1 and Ms. C want to buy the mares but their financial situation is a bit sparse at the moment. With winter approaching they are becoming more worried.

So... #1 decided to put in place a GoFundMe campaign to raise the funds to help buy the two mares and look after them this winter. We know that things are tight for many of our blogging friends, but if any of you could possibly help, I would be most neighful.

You will find the GoFundMe page here.

Here are some recent pics of Hotesse and Heloise:

#1 wrote about this on her Facebook page also, and we would both like to thank our friend Marlene, a fellow blogger (who hasn't been blogging for a while) for being among the first to donate! Thank you also to Cynthia from Bird Brains ad Dog Tales!

Once again, thank you for reading, sharing and any help you can give!


  1. that#s so sad and we will try to help your #1 to do something really really gooooooood. we often have a problem with people around us who are minimalists to in caring for their seems this is a problem in the whole land...

  2. Bonjour, c'est triste... je participerai un peu selon mes moyens, je viens d'envoyer ce post à des amis pouvant être intéressés. Cela peut être une idée de cadeau de Noël pour quelqu'un aimant les chevaux: offrir une participation de sa part...
    peut-être suggérer cela dans un autre post ?
    Merci pour ce que vous faîtes avec Mme C

    1. Je vous remercie de tout coeur. Vous avex raison et je viens de commencer à envoyer des mails à des ami(e)s en leur disant que ce serait un super cadeau de Noel pour moi! Je veus absolument sortir ces juments de là avant que ça finisse mal pour elles.

  3. We are more than happy to help even in just a small way. Our mom also shared it on Facebook and we will put a mention in our next post too. We have our paws crossed that all will work out well for these two ladies.

  4. Oh how sad! Mum will have to go get her plastic card that is good for doing stuff in Euro without excess fees.

  5. EEKKKK!! How can those peepull abandon Heloise an Hotesse like that?? an to think of them goin to know...THE 'BAD' place makes mee an LadyMew shudder! Wee want to help so mee will get LadyMew to email you Numburr #1 'bout helpin.
    Wee gotta save THE girlss!!!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma
    Pee S: Yore mew header lookss speck-taculer!

  6. Claire shared your post on FB, and we'll be glad to help ! Purrs

  7. We are short of money ourselves, but we will offer purrayers that these two beauties can be saved.

  8. Thank you for wanting to save these sweeties. We gave what we could and shared on Facebook.

  9. Paws crossed that your campaign is successful and you rescue Hotesse and Heloise. My human has several passionately horse loving friends on her FB friends list, so she will try to share there.

  10. This is so sad. I have been away since Tuesday so only just read this while catching up. I will visit your Go Fund Me later this morning. I hope you can raise enough to save those beautiful mares.

  11. Oh, MY:(
    We will purr and pawyer hard that those two lovely horses will be soon in a safe place, to be loved and given the care they deserve.

  12. Participation offerte pour Héloïse et Hotesse ; merci de prendre soin d'elles Virginia


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