Monday, 11 November 2019

Manly Monday

Vidock: So today is a holiday in France and #1 is still in some kind of la-la land where she knows neither what day it is or which continent she is on! But she did finally come to see us today. The weather was awful. It even hailed! So, this is the best pic she managed to catch of me.

The first one is just after I had had my lovely treat bucket, and the second when I was back in the field, with my little friend, Samia:

Ollie: I have some fun photos of me with my great friend, Paddie, to share with you. They were taken by Mr. G, before #1 came home:

Genji: I have one photo taken by Mr. G and one taken by #1 during the few minutes when it stopped raining here!


  1. isn't that great when the rain takes a break? ...just for 5 minutes then it came back...

  2. I've heard that the 'going east' leg of any trip is always the hardest to get over. Sorry to hear about the rain, fellas, but we're getting socked with snow right now, so I wish it was rain instead!

  3. You boys are all looking great today.

  4. Y'all look most wonderful and I hope you each have a fabulous week!

  5. At least we got to see you boys today! I hope #1 gets over her jet lag soon - that was quite a trip.


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