Saturday, 9 February 2019

Tommy's Rainbow Saturday

Rainbow Tommy: Woofs, everyone! Surprised to hear from me? We were talking with my sweet little Sei and she suggested that I should host the rainbow post from time to time. I hope you won't mind!

I have been here for six weeks now, and I do love being reunited with my beloved pals. I even caught up with Pie, who was one of my childhood friends, and also with my brothers Scooby and Monty, and my parents, Minnie and Joe, aunt Cora and Grandam Katie. Still, I do miss my #1 and I know she misses me. She now has my last name tag on her keyring. More than anything, I wish I was there to help take care of Da Beebs. None of us want to see him around here for a long time yet. I am trying to send good advice to the young Ollie, but he is still just a kid. He will learn.

I know you have been enjoying the pics of Ollie and Fernant, so I thought I would share a pic of me with Madrac, TOWCB Fernant, who was my mentor:

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time with my sweet Sei-Chan. Here is a really cute pic of her:

As for Yuu-Chan, he was such a beautiful soul during the short time he shared our lives at Poupounette Central, and that has not changed.

Little Sen-Chan was also at Poupounette Central for far too short a time, but he certainly had some fun adventures!

In terms of adventure, it was Ikkyu who had the most as he travelled around the world with #1. What a lucky guy! It's really too bad he didn't have a blog when he was around.

And Trav too has many tales to tell, of the long time he spent wandering until he settled  in our garage.

I will close by telling you that I miss all of you. Please be kind to one another!


  1. We miss you Tommy. Please give Undercarriage a hug...

  2. PS and please give The Gang a big hug from all of us at La Rairie Central.... We miss you all very much xxx

  3. Tommy, we do miss you and it is good to get a report from you. Sounds like you are taking care of everything up there.

  4. We miss you too dear Tommy and thanks for such a much needed update from the Bridge.

  5. We miss you, Tommy, and we're glad to have good news from you. It's good to know that you'll host the rainbow post from time to time. Purrs

  6. Good to hear from you Tommy.
    Good too that you have lots of family with you.
    We do miss you though.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  7. Hello Angel Tommy, we miss you.

  8. Look at Angel Trav's eyes; he surely appreciated your hospitality.

  9. Darling boy. And I love seeing all the family members and certainly, Trav.


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