Sunday, 24 February 2019

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: I admire, Dear Friends, that I feel a bit of a fraud doing the SoS post these days, as I have not been snuggling much with anyone, with the exception of #1. Still, she tells me it just wouldn't be the same without me, so I shall carry on, hoping for snugglier days.

I think that we will start with the Vs this week, as there are some cute photos with them. The first one is this great snuggle selfie that #1 took of her and Violette:

And we have a fun one with The Big V and Ollie too!

And how about this cute one of Fernant with a brotherly paw around Ollie

Here we have #1 with Da Beebs:

#1 with Da Genj:

And #1 with Ollie:

Wishing you all a Sunday filled with love (and treats!).


  1. I'll be snuggling with patients today, and I am quite happy about that!

  2. We love all the snuggle pics today! We like to snuggle with mum lots.She is nice and warm.MOL!
    You may not be snuggling a lot lately, but we think you do the dangle quite well so we will look forward to more of those pictures :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. You all do look snuggy wonderful!

  4. Wonderful snuggle pictures ! Purrs

  5. Wonderful snuggles pics. I will have to go snuggle with mum.

  6. Those are all great snuggles although we aren't sure Fernant was really snuggling with Ollie but rather playing (which is great too).

  7. That is a cute photo of Fernant with his paw around Ollie. Those are nice snuggle photos, and I am sure given time you will start snuggling again too, Tama.

  8. What great snuggles this week. We ‘specially like the one of Fernant with Ollie.

  9. It's so cold here in Michigan, that snuggles are the only way to go! Great photos!


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