Saturday, 23 February 2019

Sei-Chan's Souvenir Saturday

Rainbow Sei: Hello, Friends! I hope you have had a good week. It's always lovely here at the Bridge, but we were happy to see that they had some nice weather at Poupounette Central also these past few days!

Since you seem to like the date format we adopted last week, we have decided to stick with it for a while, so let me see what I have for you this week.

For a start, here is a nice one of Tommy and Sen-Chan, taken on February 28, 2008:

This one of Tommy and Madrac playing bitey-face, also taken on February 26, 2008, is quite funny because Ollie and Fernant are now getting up to exactly the same shenanigans!

This one of me, of course, is a great classic. It was taken the first time that #1 met me, on February 18, 2009. I was only three weekes old!

Here is beautiful Yuu-Chan in one of the sky hammocks, on February 24, 2010:

Here is Ikkyu on February 24, 2004. He had gone with #1 to England and the photo was taken in her childhood bedroom:

And I think that is about all I have for you on this "Seiturday". So, let me just wish you all a lovely weekend. We have welcomed so many old friends here these past few days that we have decided to temporarily close the RB Gates. Please stay where you are, folks!


  1. Wow, you were tiny! I loved ALL the photos today!

  2. Such sweet photos! Yes, please close those gates for a while.

  3. We love all your pictures today but we have to say the baby picture of you Sei-Chan is our favorite.

  4. So fun to see all these flashback photos. You sure were a very WEE one, Sei-Chan.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Thank you for stopping by our tribute post for Only.

  6. They are all lovely photos, but the one of you at 3 weeks old is beyond adorable!

  7. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. We just love the Tommy photo the most. Great flashback photos. such a cute family. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
    World of Animals

  8. Loved to see all of the early pics. Yeah, time to close the RB door for a bit.

  9. OMC, Sei-Chan, you were so tiny ! Those are lovely pictures ! Purrs

  10. Sei-Chan, the world stopped for me, the millisecond that I saw your baby photo! Those eyes, those ears!


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