Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Beebs Update

#1 here. Yesterday, I took my Beebs to the VetRef referral clinic in Angers, a couple of hours away by car. There he had a very detailed ultra-sound which showed that his bile duct system is seriously compromised. The reason is not clear. It could be genetic or it could be an ongoing inflammation. The good news is that he had put some weight back on having eaten well these past few days, and was back at 4.05kg, from a low of 3.78 the previous Friday.

At this stage, we have no assurance that anything is going to work to make him better, but the first thing that will be done is to put him on a 4-week course of antibiotics, in the hope that it will clear up any persistent infections. He also needs to continue eating, mostly a high protein diet with very low fat. After his 7-hour long ordeal yesterday, he has not been very hungry so far this morning. I will be working to find something that will appeal to him.

I have a few photos from yesterday.

The veterinary intern who did the initial assessment just fell in love with him:

Beebs was very good during the ultra-sound:

The imaging specialist  veterinarian has Somalis, and remembered Tama from a couple of years ago!

Meanwhile, Ollie was fast asleep in Ms. N's arms in the waiting room:

It was so kind of Ms. N to come with us and lend us both moral and physical support! Thank you, Ms. N!

We would appreciate any purrs and crossed paws you could send our way. We would really love our Beebs to get better! There has been too much loss already at Poupounette Central recently.


  1. More worries for you. Thank goodness you took him to a specialist. Really hope he responds well to the antibiotics. My favourite cat - the elegant Mr Bibi xxx

  2. We hope he gets well soon. We think he is in the safest hands in the world.

  3. Fingers and paws crossed for Bibi. And bless little Ollie having a snooze.

  4. Crossed paws and tons of purrs coming to Da Beebs from all of us. We sure hope the all better shows up soon. Hugs.

  5. WE sure send the Beebs some good thoughts and so hope he gets better soon. We will keep our paws crossed for him.

  6. Here's hoping the antibiotics help with the inflammation! Is he on any appetite stimulant too? C'mon, Da up, sweetheart!

    1. The vet said that appetite stimulants are a tool of last resort. He is not there yet. For now, he is actually eating!

  7. We hope the antibiotics work for Beebs and have our paws crossed tight that he feels better soon. How nice of Ms. N to come with you to allow Ollie the experience. We remember Tommy always went with the kitties on their appointments.

  8. Sending purrs and prayers for the Beebs. Hope things start looking up for you all You've had enough heart already. Sending gentle head bonks for healing everyone.

  9. I’m so sorry to hear that Bibi-Chan has bile duct issue.. I hope the antibiotics will work and he will get better. It’s very nice of Ms. N to come with you.
    Sending hugs and purrs xo

  10. Sending lots of love and purrs to all. Speedy healing Beebs!

  11. sending lots of purrs that he starts eating and feeling better very soon

  12. I hope the longer course of antibiotics work on the bile duct inflammation and I send loads of love and good wishes for Bibi. That is good news though that he has put some of the lost weight back.
    I know how rough bile duct problems make you feel and I didn't want to eat very much for several weeks, so him eating now is a big step forward.

  13. Sendin **purrsss** an purrayerss an white lite of healin to Bibi....wee so-o want him to get bettur soon Numburr 1....hee iss one special man cat!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma an (((hugs))) LadyMew

  14. Purrayers & POTP ! Keep eating, Bibi 1

  15. Poor Bibi, and poor you. Will there be more testing done or different treatment? We will cross our paws for him and hope for the best.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  16. I am sending Bibi LOTS of healing purrs!

  17. Lots of healing energy vibes being sent to Hou-beebie -

    Paws khrossed for channeling his Inner Husky!

    NAK and The Blondes
    PeeEssWoo: Big hugz to your support team!

  18. We cross our paws and hope the drugs work and that Bibi feels better soon. Purrs and hugs


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