Thursday 27 July 2017

Tommy's Thankful Thursday

Tommy: It has been quite a week here this past week, with all the goings-on, including The Big V's surgery and homecoming. #1 has been busy putting things in place for his care over the next six weeks, We will tell you more about all of that next week. Also, #1 is going away next Monday and Tuesday (one of her cousins is turning 60 and there will be a big bash near Paris) but guess what? She is taking me along! Woof Woof! That is something big to be thankful for!

In another news, my buddy Fernant managed to sneak out and join us on our morning walk a couple of days ago.

I also ran into my pal Joko the other day! He is young and he is pretty crazy!

It's great to have friends1 But I also have a great time with just #1, when I let my ears fly!


  1. With all the business you have had at your place, it's nice to get out and play :)
    We really like your flying ears!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. How fun that you get to accompany #1 on her trip!

  3. Joko is so happy to see you that he goes wild! He's thrilled to have a friend. We remember when Fernant was a wild young fellow too.
    Love those fliers, sweetheart. It makes us so happy to see you happy. Froot bats and fliers are are one of our favourite things.

  4. Tommy, going on a little get-a-way with #1 sounds blissful :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  5. Tommy, you are such a happy goggie! #1 goes to such exotic places; well, they seem exotic compared to Detroit! Everyone, have a good time!

  6. You two sure were having some nice romping fun Tommy!

  7. You have nice friends around you, Tommy, and we love to see you so happy ! Purrs

  8. You are such a good boy,Tommy, that it is no wonder you get to go so many places with #1. And you are also lucky to have such nice friends to run in the fields with you.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  9. How fun that you got to play with your friends, Tommy. We hope you have a good time when you go with #1 next week.

  10. C'est tellement agréable d'avoir des amis pour s'amuser Tommy. Une humaine c'est bien. Mais des "confrères" c'est super.
    Jolies oreilles ...
    Bonne soirée

  11. Tommy, going on a little get-a-way with #1 sounds blissful :)

    แตกใน xxx


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