Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: I don't want to jinx anything but I have to say that I am really quite pleased with life at the moment (even though I know that #1 is going to be abandoning us for almost a week from Friday...). In fact, I showed my approval with life in a quite unexpected way: yesterday morning, for the first time ever, #1 woke up to find ALL of us on her bed, including me! She said it was the most amazing gift and she thanked me most particularly. How about that?

Here I am having a nice nap right where #1 normally sits on the sofa. I like to sit where she sits...

Oh, and here are a couple of nice photos from last Monday, when Mr. G's Mum played with me:

We have house-sitters, Mr.A and Ms. J, arriving on Thursday. I am crossing my paws that they will like me, well all of us, really:


  1. All of you on the bed :o
    That was a nice surprise for #1.
    Do not worry Tama, Mr A and Ms J could not help but like you!
    #1 would not have anyone looking after you unless they loved you :)

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. I'm not surprised #1 is taking off again! She is always busy. I hope the humans caring for you while she's gone are nice ones!

  3. Well, that was nice of all of you to get on the bed with #1. Looks like all of you are very happy too. Hope she has a good trip and hurries home.

  4. We hope your sitters are not like those horrid people you had when #1 packed up the other house. Evil on legs they were,we'd say.
    We know you'll do you best to keep Genji well. We worry about him.

  5. We imagine #1 was quite excited seeing you all on the bed with her when she woke up. We hope she has a good journey and gets home to you all very soon.

  6. Tama, your beauty is on full display in these pics! And the sitters will be obeying ya'll's every wish in five seconds FLAT!

    Love to No. 1 from me & MomKatt!


  7. Lovely photos, Tama, and what a wonderful surprise for #1! We are meeting a new cat sitter tonight (as our humans go on a house-hunting trip next week) and we hope we like the new person!

  8. Oh my goodness that's the best stink eye
    Lily & Edward

  9. Wow, all of you on # 1's bed. That is a wonderful gift indeed!
    I'm sure the house sitters will love you :-)

  10. Thanks for hosting today, Tama-Chan. I love your green eyes! All of you will miss #1 for a week, but she'll be back before you know it. #1 has friends all over Europe and Japan. She's a busy lady! In the mean time, all of you should enjoy your week! It's a Tama-Chan Tuesday!

  11. Sounds like #1 was having some serious snuggle fun with you!

  12. What a nice gift for #1 ! Purrs

  13. We hope #1 didn't get too hot with all of you in bed with her. We hope your house sitters are good this time too.

  14. Coucou Tama,
    On croise tout les coussinets pour que ça se passe bien. Il n'y a pas de raison que ces gens ne vous aiment pas.
    On espère surtout que Bibi n'aura pas trop de stress.
    Elle a du être super contente de votre cadeau votre #1.

  15. Yous knows, mes purrticularly hard on peoples who is taking care of mes. Mes almost certain that yous will gets aling well with your sitters.
    Mes sends extra Kisses


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