Monday, 6 June 2016

Manly Monday

Tommy: I am kicking off Manly Monday again today. Thanks for your concern about our trip to Paris. It went really smoothly on the way in but it was a little more complicated getting out because of road closures. Still, we were back home by 7:30pm and immediately went next door to get Mad Fernant since Camp Tommy is in session until Thursday.

And here is an unusual shot of the two headless dawgs...

Genji: I really missed my #1 yesterday. She was gone for hours and I hate that. To occupy myself, I found a box to play in:

Da Beebs: And I hung out with my Mama Tama:

Vidock: I really don't know why #1 has taken to calling me "funny face"...

Basha: Thank goodness #1 is there to feed me and cuddle me when my parents are away. 

I would like to take this opportunity to say "Hi" to the lovely Miss Loustiquette

For general entertainment, #1 took this photo of the Seine in Paris as she was driving along the banks:

 We're glad the river stopped rising at those levels.

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. I'm glad #1's trip went safely! There was some pretty scary weather going on for a while!

  2. We didn't realise you had all the rain #1 - we had a wonderful sunny weekend

  3. We are sure glad the homecoming was nice and safe!

  4. I'm glad everyone was safe and content while #1 went to Paris. I like how Genji played with a box! Everyone was content. I love it when the neighbors go away. I always love to see Fernant and Basha. Make sure everyone has a marvelous Monday... okay, Tommy?

  5. So much rain in Paris - we are glad #1 got home safely. We don't like it when Mom and Dad are gone for a long time either, especially Ciara. Mom says they now have to plan their time away around her. Wish we could join Tommy and Fernant at Camp Tmmy!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. We are glad #1's trip to Paris was trouble free for you.
    That was a lot of flooding they had.
    Good to see all of you boys having fun :)
    Vidock, you can be funny sometimes ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. Hi Guys!
    We was watching the weather reports and heard about the Siene! Wow! It is high!!! If the Fraser River got that high, we could not get out of our apartment building as the car park and the 1st floor would be under water! Hope Tommy and Mad Fernant has a great time and Genji! Is that tongue for me?

  8. Glad #1 stayed dry on her excursion.

  9. Ca fait beaucoup d'eau tout ça. Les garçons nous on trouve qu'elle est courageuse votre #1 d'être aller "affronter" cette eau. On ne sait jamais ce qui peut arriver dans ces cas là.
    Genji ton carton il lui faudrait un coussin.
    PS de Loustiquette : je suis super contente de te voir Basha. Tu as l'air en pleine forme. Je t'envoie tout plein de ronrons


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