Monday, 27 June 2016

Manly Monday

Da Genj: #1 said I could go first this week as she has taken some great photos of me over the past couple of days. So, let's get this show on the road!

Helping with the bedmaking:

Lounging on my red Peggy's blankie (as opposed to my blue Peggy's blankie!)"

Simply looking handsome...

Da Beebs: I am happy to report that, under my tutelage, my little bro has learned how to use the new drinking fountain!

Checking for treats:

This was when #1 was away last Monday. I am getting a treat from Mr. G's mum:

Vidock: I have some seriously studly photos of myself to show you this week:

Here I am with my Lusitanian pal, Noyvo. He is a "regular size" horse...

And here I am with Noyvo and Diego. Guess what? Diego is my little half brother! We have the same dad. He is only three so still only a baby. He belongs to Mr. V who rode Violette at our  medieval festival:

#1 called us the Three Musketeers! 

Tommy: I have been posing for #1 on our walks as I knew she needed some nice pics for today.

The grass has gotten so tall in the fields!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Bibi, judging from the photo of you with the treat, I bet you could learn to High Five or shake hands for treats! I have fun doing that. It's really amazing seeing how big Vidock is next to other horse breeds.

  2. We love seeing you in the tall grass Tommy are you pretending to hide from #1?

  3. Handsome, indeed, Genji ! That's kind of you to help your brother with the fountain, Da Beebs. And we hope you got that treat ! We love to see you moving, Vidock : how can such a big horse be so graceful ? The photo of the three musketeers is stunning ! Don't get lost in the grass, Tommy. Purrs

  4. You guys look as handsome as ever! Now that I have new territory at our new apartment completely staked out, I hope to catch up with ya'll very soon!


  5. Those are wonderful photos of all of you! Good job teaching Genji how to use the fountain, Beebs!

  6. Tu es très beau sur ce portrait Genji. Tu poses super bien. Ca fait soupirer mon humaine qui dit qu'elle voudrait bien que je pose comme ça. Mais c'est une raleuse !
    Bibi a l'air d'un bon professeur. Je voudrais bien fontaine moi aussi. Mais il parait que pour l'instant on n'a pas les moyens ...

  7. Those are all such wonderful photos and I hope y'all have a super fun week!

  8. Waouh! It seems you are all very busy this week-end. The photos of Vidock are great! Lot of purrs!

  9. Whatever blankie you are on it looks comfy. That horsie had big feets
    Lily & Edward

  10. We bet you could even hide in that tall grass, Tommy. Great shots of Vidock, and Da Beebs and Genji both look so very handsome.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  11. Da Genj, you are looking quite handsome these days! I like that you taught Da Beebs how to drink from the fountain. I love it when you guys get treats. It's almost as if you have hands. Then there is Vidock, The Stud! He's so well behaved with the other horses around. He's a good boy! It seems he is still is really softening up. Of course I don't know if he's still biting. It's a Manly Monday, so everyone enjoy it!

  12. You are looking very good, Vidock. Very fit and well muscled. You are all looking very good and manly.

  13. It is so good to see all of you. Everyone looks great. Take care.

  14. Lots of good looking manliness today!

  15. Mes is overcome with all the manliness! Yous is all just so darn handsome, mes does not know who to kiss first!
    Mes sends Many Many to yous all!


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