Saturday, 25 June 2016


Sei-Chan: It has finally gotten warm! We thought it would never, ever happen but it has and we are enjoying it. It has also stopped raining, for now anyway. So you  might think all is right with the world. Well, not quite. #1 is going around with a stunned look in her eyes and the phone keeps ringing. Apparently it has something with a referendum and the results are not what she had been hoping for. The absolutely only thing which made her smile yesterday was a comment by someone that Britain was acting like "the cat of Europe" with its inability to decide whether it wanted to be in or out. Anyway, she is sad because she has never been into isolationism, and we are all trying to make her feel better.

Can you believe that she and people like her (Brits living in Europe) were not even allowed to vote on something that will directly affect their lives? 

Here is a nice portrait of me that Mr. G took when he was looking after us?

And this one too:

I am crossing my paws that everything will turn out OK for us:


  1. My human was sad about these results too. She thinks there are a lot of very bad things going on in the world right now, and supposedly sane people are doing crazy things out of fear and hatred.

  2. That dang change happens whether we like it or now, but at least they didn't move your furniture!

  3. Such an upheaval felt all around the world because of one vote!!! We hope things work out too.

    Those really are very nice photos of you today, Sei-Chan!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. Coucou Sei,
    Pas autorisée à voter. Notre Nat à Chat elle s'est presque étranglée en entendant ça !
    Elle pense comme elle a écrit sur FB. Un référendum (national, pas local) c'est un déni de démocratie, du populisme.
    Mais bon, tout ça c'est des histoires de folie humaine.
    Tes portraits sont très réussis. J'espère que tu profites bien du soleil. Penses à aller faire un tour dehors pour en profiter.

  5. We've been wondering what the vote might mean for you all. It sounds like you aren't even sure either. #1 is lucky to have all of you to help her through whatever comes next.

  6. I was surprised that they decided to exit! I sure hope it won't mess up things for you.

  7. So many people were stunned. We know there will be wide reaching financial and trade implications.
    Trump in America scares us too. Where are we headed?
    We are going to need your sweetness more than ever, dear, as we head into transitional times for all.

  8. Not right that Brits out of the country had no say in the vote. Howsomever thank you Sei Chan for sharing your adorableness anyway. Purrs, Katie Kat


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