Saturday, 5 December 2009

A Very Special SEIturday!

Sei-Chan: Hello everyone! #1 said I could do the posting today because it is "SEIturday" after all and also because we have some very big family news to announce: the arrival of my half brothers and sister (their daddy is also my daddy!)!

You have all been following the saga of Tama-Chan's late pregnancy. The birthing itself turned out to be a real epic, and basically occupied our household all of this week. She showed first signs on Monday, which turned out to be false alarms. Much stronger signs started on Thursday afternoon, but it became clear by Friday afternoon that things were not going smoothly. So she was bundled into the car and taken to Dr. C who immediately did a caesarian section and delivered FOUR KITTENS, three boys and one girl, all ruddy in colouring, like both of their parents! The kittens were all a good size at birth (100 grammes and over) and very active. There is a little problem, however, in that Tama-Chan has so far refused to have anything to do with them. The poor darling did go through some very uncomfortable moments and is still dealing with post-op stress. We are crossing all our paws that she will fall in love with them imminently, and hope you will join us in purring for her. If that does not happen, Yuu-Chan and I have offered to kitten-sit!

Anyway, you are probably all clamouring for pictures. Let us start with our Tama-Chan:

Here are the kittens last night, when they first came home. They were about seven hours old. #1 added her hand so you could get an idea of their size.

And here are individual shots of the "Fabulous Four" taken this morning:

Tama-Chan has asked me to say a special thank you to her boyfriend, Misha, for being so supportive and generally fabulous!

Last but most definitely not least, I am enclosing a photo of ME, the very essence of who is SEIturday!


  1. We are sorry to hear that Tama-Chan went through what must have been a scary time for all of you. We are sending big purrs of comfort and healing, and hope that she will start to show an interest in her beautiful babies.

    Welcome to the fabulous four! You are precious indeed.

  2. Our heart-felt concatulations, Tama-Chan! You can be very proud that your bunch is so healthy and strong. We are sorry that it was all so exhausting for you though and that you're not feeling well now. The op must have been nasty and it's only normal you have to recover now. We're sure you'll grow into your momma role soon! And a big yay to Misha for being at your side.
    Sei-Chan, this has to be the prettiest picture of you so far. Wonderful!
    Many purrs, Siena & Chilli

  3. What cutie pies! Well wishes to Tama-Chan - we are glad the vet was able to help Mother Nature out when it became necessary. It looks like #1 os going to be very busy feeding kittens! How often must they be fed?

  4. I hope Tama-Chan feels better soon. That must have been a very difficult experience for her. The little babies are just adorable. Can't wait to watch them grow.


  5. Congrats on the little babies, and we hope Tama-Chan is feeling better soon and can look after her little lovelies.

    Poppy Q

  6. Oh wow Tama-Chan, they are beautiful! We hope you feel better soon!

  7. Those kittens are so tiny but very cute. I am glad they are ok and that Tama-Chan came through her ordeal. I hope she will like her babies once she feels better.

    Your friend,

  8. I've been watching google reader for a post. At last, they are here and little cutties. I hope Tama-Chan feels better very soon and can take care of them herself.

  9. Oh Happy Day!!! We are so excited to see those sweet faces. Poor Tama-Chan. What a terrible ordeal though. We hope she feels better soon and starts helping out with the wee babes. She probably just needs some time to gather her strength.

    Big purrs out to #1 also, what a stressful few days!!

    Thinking about you all,
    The Sumac Kitties

    ps~ That is a stunning photo of you Sei-Chan. Magazine cover worthy!

  10. OMC!! Those kittens are adorable! Congratulations, Tama-Chan! But we hope you feel better soon and will begin to love your babies...

  11. Congratulations!! I'm happy to hear that everyone is healthy! I'm sorry to hear that Tama-Chan isn't loving being a mother. Maybe she is just too tired and after a little rest she will warm up to the babies. Purrs!

  12. Squeeeeee! Those sweet little babies!

    We are sending big hugs and purrs to Tama-Chan. We hope she feels better soon and falls in love with her darling kittens. My momma Ellie has volunteered to teleport over and mother those babies until Tama-Chan recovers!

  13. KhonKhats!

    Sorry poor Tama-Chan had some a skhary time of it -

    They are khuties -

    Please pass along some special purrrs and snuggles to #1 - I'm sure she's pretty drained too!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! They are small enough to post in an envelope fur me - I'll let woo choose mine!

  14. Concats to Tama-Chan. You have beautiful babies.

  15. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... We feel better !
    It seems that for her first pregnancy, Tama-Chan had hard time. May be this is the reason why she needs to recover before to fell in love with her kittens.
    Let's be patient...

  16. First I hope Tama-chan is OK and will start to snuggle and take on her kittens to nurse. She went through a great deal to bring those four cute little ones into this world.

    The Fab Four look so sweet, can't wait for more pictures as they grow up.

    Concatulations to all!

  17. Congratulations! We're sure once Tama Chan has recovers she will adore her kittens.

    Mum says she was a first time mum and had to have a c-section. It took her a while to bond with her baby. Maybe cats are the same!

  18. Tama Chan we are sorry for the pain, but you're a great mother and we are proud of you and your "Fabulous Four".

    ViVi & AB

  19. Oh my, what exciting Mews! It has been many years since Mewmie has had a C-Sec mama, but it does often take them 24-48 hrs to realize they "birthed" these babies and they are The Mama, so we are hoping that Tama-Chans hormone kick in and the light bulb comes on.

    If she will let any of them nurse, the oxytocin released when that happens will calm her and make her more maternal, too.

    Sweet ruddy furs, and smiley kitten faces!

  20. We've been out all day and lovely to return to such great news - congratulations on four wonderful kittens.

    We hope Tama-Chan is feeling much better soon and takes an interest - it can't be easy for her - she must be feeling worn out.

    Hope #1 is okay too - lots of stress involved over the past few days!

    take good care of yourselves
    Clive and gang

  21. Oh, oh! Congratulations! They are surely some of the most beautiful examples of felinity in the world.

    Abby Normal, Stygia, and Ms. C

  22. Ah, that babies are beautiful! Sorry Tama-Chan had a rough go of it.

  23. We're sorry it all turned out a bit more challenging than expected. We hope she warms up to her babies and that it's all smooth sailing from here on!


  24. OMC! They're the most bootiful kittens evah!

    Poor TC! It must have been weird for her to wake up and find these little creatures pawing at her. She must be wondering where on earth they came from! I know she's gonna be a wonderful Mummy!

  25. i had to sneak on the computer at the Audubon Society to see if there was any news of Tama-Chan yet! I'm so glad the 4 babies were safely delivered...hope that Tama-Chan will recover quickly from her surgery and begin to feel happy and relaxed with the kittens. I bet Sei-Chan and Yuu-Chan (and Tommy!) will be glad to help raise them.

  26. Concats, everyone! I hope Tama-chan recovers quickly. 9 and Chani send their purrs. The Fab Four are adorable!

  27. What cute little babies! Others have had encouraging words to say about post-c-section mamas; I hope Tama-Chan follows their pattern!

  28. We hope Tama-Chan is more comfortable afert the birth and is learning to love her babies. WE re purring that they will all thrive!

  29. I hope Tama Chan will warm up to her babies. She must be feeling sore and hurting too. My Rosie's mama never took to her litter either.

  30. Congratulations Tama-Chan! I'm so excited to hear the news. You kinda kept us in suspense. We're glad the birth turned out well with four healthy, strong, beautiful kittens.

  31. Thank you, Sei-Chan for sharing the wonderful news. We are sorry it had to be so traumatic for Tama-Chan. We are sure it is only a matter of time until she takes over as a very good mother. #1 will have some busy times with all the bottle feeding. We will cross our paws and woo our best for motherhood to take hold.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  32. We are so happy for Tama-Chan! The kittens are adorable!

  33. What can I say but WOW. Isn't it just amazing, new little lives? Poor Tama-Chan; I had a C.section for BB and it is not very comfortable. I hope she warms to her kittens after she feels a bit better. I've been thinking about her this week, isn't that funny? Thoughts, Purrs, and Woofs to all from the Rose Jugglers!

  34. Poor Tama-Chan ~ she is bound to feel out-of-sorts if she had a cesarian. We hope she will bond with the little ones soon as they are absolutely adorable!

    Welcome to the Werld, faboulous four! Smoochies.

  35. Oh my...Mango sent us here...we're barkin' (very very quietly) some powerful terrier zen all the way to your house to help make mama and kitties feel better...they are soooo tiny!!!

    Hoping Tamachen will soon show interest in those precious babies!!!

    Kisses and terrier hugs...

    Scruffy, Lacie, Stanny and Mumsie

  36. Oh what cuties - congrats! We are behind, so we need to read the Sunday post to catch up but we are hoping that Tama and all the babies are doing well. We are sending lots of purrs and prayers for all of them!!

  37. They are so cute.

  38. we hate mom for missing the birth!! How exciting! Babies!!!! We sure hope Tama-Chan is ok!!!

    Velcro, kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom

  39. We're so behind in our visiting... Congratulations, Tama-Chan, on becoming a mommy to 4 sweet little ones! We're sending purrs of comfort to all of you and look forward to reading more about the new little ones.

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  40. Dear Sei-Chan and family,
    Congratulations on the kittens! They are gorgeous and so very tiny.
    A very cute picture of you too :-)
    Cliff and Olivia


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