Thursday 10 December 2009

"Thei-Chan Thneaks In..."

"Thei-Chan": Well, it's another one of those times, my friends. With all the goings-on around here, I have simply not been getting enough press time, so I decided to take matters into my own paws and take over Thursday again. Tee hee hee....

I wanted to tell you about my new favourite place to sleep. Did we mention that #1 got us yet another hammock? this one hangs over the side of the radiator in the study and provides a very cozy location for naps. What makes it even better is that the radiator is just under the window where the bird feeder is, so there is even a view!

In other news, #1 and I have had to develop a whole strategy so I can get my treats of ham without my little brother muscling in and grabbing them (fear not, he gets his own treats!). We wait until he is fast asleep in his "sky hammock" and then tiptoe down to the kitchen together. When that boy is out, he is out!

Well I suppose you are all thinking "and the kittens? and the kittens?" OK, I will be generous. The kittens and Tama-Chan are doing very well, and here are some of pictures taken this morning:

As for me, I shall of course be back on "Seiturday"!


  1. So nice to see you Sei-Chan. I really like your new hammock and treat plan! Lucky girl!

    Those kittens are sure cute. The PM's been showing them to everyone!

  2. We love your new hammock and the kittens are so adorable!

  3. What a cozy hammock, right by the heater!
    One of those babies looks like he is growing very fast, or is it a trick of the camera? That is a cute kitten-pile!

  4. We thought the same about the kitten at the front of the picture. Growing with mighty steps! That hammock looks like just the thing, Sei-Chan.

  5. #1 here. I think it is a trick of perspective. The kittens are pretty much all the same size!

  6. Oh, yes, "... and the kittens?!" They are looking so nice and plush.

    However, as we are cats, we have that cozy hammock on the brain. And we are very curious about this thing, "ham." What is it?

    Abby & Stygia

    PS. We are making Ms. C promise to blog about us this weekend. If she does not, we are going to ... to.... any good ideas??

  7. That hammock looks very comfy. I guess it would be too small for me to get into! Thanks for sharing the kitten photos.

    Your friend,

  8. Well I am very happy to see that #1 is taking special care of you, especially since there are KITTENS in the house. Of course we love the kittens, but we really love your new hammock and your treats strategy.


  9. You look very happy in your new hammock, Sei-chan! I'm envious. I'm sure I'll get something like that for 9 and Chani when we move :)

    The kittens are all growing so fast. It's amazing. They're so adorable.

  10. About our snowy scene with the tree: it was very unusual for Mom and Dad to go to cut down a tree in the snow. There was a surprise storm, that was expected to be mainly rain, but where the trees are, about an hour away, it was plenty of snow. We had a mixture of rain and snow at our house. But still unusually early for snow in these parts (New Jersey).
    Good luck anchoring your tree! At our house, the tree goes in a room that has French Doors, and I can only go in there with supervision.

  11. THE KHLAWS!!!


    Nice to see woo here today!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  12. That hammock looks wonderful to have a rest in. I'm so glad that everything is all right with the babies. They are too sweet.
    It's time for some flying ears!

  13. It must be hard to get blog time with so much going on in your household! Thanks for sharing your post with Tama-Chan and her babies.

  14. Sei-Chan it is good to hear from you - being the middle child (at least as far as kitties) is always rough (or so I have seen on TV shows like the Brady Bunch - I don't really have experience with it) so we are glad you get your special ham time with #1. And you are a very generous sister to share the post with your sisters new babies. You are a great aunt! You look very cute in your hammock - over the radiator sounds like a great place. And the kittens are just adorable too! I can't believe those tiny ears get so big later on (I love the big ears so I notice these things).

  15. Sei-Chan, that hammock looks so comfortable!

    The kittens are gorgerous - the NSLM really loves checking in on them!

    He loves that Christmas countdown tree too - made him very excited!

    love and woofs

  16. It sounds like you are getting treated pretty well there, Sei-Chan. You have your own hammock and a special time for ham treats - Yuu-Chan may think he is Mama's special boy but you are her little darling.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  17. Thank you for sharing
    the time of supreme bliss.

    These lovely angels give us
    pleasure of love.

  18. The hammock on the radiator looks very comfy. The kittens are absolutely precious!

  19. Hi "Thei-chan" on Thursday! very smooth blog-hijacking move there! Your new hammock looks very comfy. Unfortunately we don't have that kind of radiator here. You're a very nice little sister to share your blog with Tama-chan and her babies.

  20. Thweet little Thei-Chan, we are glad you're not backwards in coming forwards. Your hammock is SO COOL!

    We would love to send you a Christmas card, but didn't get your address. We have one here with your name on it!:)

  21. My my! the kittens are sooo khute!!

    Hammock huh? never tried sleeping in one..


  22. Will you be sharing your hammock with those cutie pie kittens?

  23. Such wonderful photos!

    Such cute kittens, too! ;-D

    I was that young once! ;-D


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