Monday, 21 December 2009

Manly Monday with Tommy and Yuu!

Tom: The snow is finally melting and it's supposed to get warmer over the next few days, so we are hoping the ice will go away too. At the moment, the road up from our house is like a skating rink!

The snow was GREAT and gave me many opportunities to look very manly. Here is a small selection for your viewing pleasure:

Look at how well I camouflage!

Yuu-Chan: I was supposed to go to the vet's today for "the little snip" but the roads are still icy and I have a bit of a cold, so I got a reprieve until after Christmas. #1 started me on medication this morning so I should be all better by Christmas. She needs to be very careful, though, not to carry any germs into the back room.

When our Aussie friends were here last week, I had a very close shave as they were preparing dinner one evening and decided I would make a lovely roast kitty. What was I actually doing in the roasting dish? Well, I do have to investigate everything, don't I?

Anyway, here is what #1 calls my "lover boy" expression:

And here is what I'm planning to do until my cold is gone:

In conclusion, #1 would like to ask if anyone has any news of our good friend Angus Mhor? He hasn't blogged since Thanksgiving, which is rather unusual, and we hope that everything is OK with him and his family


  1. Both of you are very manly. Love the footy prints and the flapping frisbee ears Tom. Yuu-Chan, glad you survived the kitchen experience, it's tough being an investigator.


  2. Most manly indeed. And brave too to go out when there is ICE on the ground. Ick.

    Sometimes our bloggy pals vanish for a while. We always worry too.


  3. You lucky dog to have snow (although ice is not good). I can see that you made the most of it. I like your perfect paw print. Please keep your little brother out of the oven. No cooked kitties.

    Your friend,

  4. Little Yuu, we are sending big purrs that you will be fighting fit for Christmas. Tommy, we don't think there has ever been a manlier woofie:)

  5. We bet YOU don't want the snow to go away, Tommy!

  6. Wonderful photos of you Tommy! The snow becomes you!

    Yuu-Chan - hope your cold disappears soon! The NSLM is still at home sniffing and sneezing and Tinkerbell jumps everytime he sneezes!

    love and woofs

    ps-we posted a little something over to you this morning Tommy! Your second photo might give you a clue as to what it is! We couldn't resist when we saw one in the IGDB training centre on Saturday!

  7. I thinks I would like to play in the snow Tommy, it looks as if you were having fun. ~Fenris

    Yuu-Chan, we hopes you get better soon and stay out of roasting pans (hehe you looked cute).~Socks

  8. What a handsome way to start my day and week!

    It would be pawesome to be in the snow with woo!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! I check on my pal Angus!

  9. Wow TYommy you looked great in the snow, we really loved your foot prints.

    Yuu Chan, we hope you feel much better soon!

  10. Nice pics Tom.

    We posted the book to Tama-Cham and the babies today. The lady in the post office said it will take between 5 and 7 days to get to yoo ~ but since Chrismouse is in the middle it might take even longer. We can't wait to see photos of the babies being read to!

    Can yoo let us now (on our bloggie) when it has arrived safely please?

  11. We have 2 feet of snow here!!! We are downloading photos of it now, it is crazy. The Lap Lady took me out in it and my paws were chilly, how do you do it Tommy? We got your lovely card!!! Thank you!!


  12. Tommy, it sems funny to us that you akshully enjoy the snows! Brrrr...

    Yuu, you DO have a lover-boy face!

  13. Someone looks to be enjoying the snow but I am with you--inside! It is kind of a concern as Angus' person was sick shortly before they stopped blogging. It is also possible that they are very busy over the holidays but it seems the would have said something.

    Feel better

  14. Tom, I love the photo of you with the frisbee and the cascade of snow!

    I sure do miss Angus, and I hope everything is all right with them.

  15. Tommy you look extremely manly in the snow - they are all wonderful pictures.

    And Yuu-Chan I hope your cold is better soon. You are smart to try and get lots of rest!

  16. Yuu-Chan, hope you feel better soon. Tommy we like the pictures of you romping in the snow.

  17. Yuu, your Loverboy photo was like looking in a mirror - 'cept it was one of those famous mirrors that made my ears go all frootbatty and my furs turn ruddy. Mummy calls it giving her "goo goo eyes".

    Hope you get over your cold in time for your first Christmouse!

  18. Tommy, the shots of you in the snow are the best! The flakes suit you.

    Yuu-Chan, you are going to be a real heartbreaker when you get older! Too cute.

    We heard on the CB that one of Angus's small beans had gotten bitten by a bad spider.

  19. Yep, I see by all the snow photos from around the blogs that your doggies sure like the snow. I don't get it. I think the kitties have it right staying in the nice warm house.

  20. Tommy, you look delightful, simply delightful!
    And Yuu-Chan, we can't believe you have a cold. You poor boy! #1 does right in being ever so careful with the fab fours now. What a silly situation! Please heal quickly lover boy!

  21. Stay warm, you aren't as used to the snow and cold. No, I don't want roast cat for Christmouse.

  22. tommy, we wish we had some snow to enjoy, but not the ice. You sure seem to enjoy it. And Yuu-Chan, we hope you feel better quickly. We wonder about Angus Mhor too, we miss him.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  23. Khyra prompted me to visit your blog and look what happened. I got lucky because it was manly day! So much testosterone. Yay. I think I'll share your post with Bob, our manliest kitty. He'll appreciate it. As for your missing friend, I must tell you, I don't worry when someone disappears during the holidays.

  24. Tommy you look superb as always and you do have good camouflage skills!

  25. Very manly pictures of you both.

    Looks like you're having lots of fun in the snow, Tom.

    And good job getting into the roasting dish, Yuu-Chan, carrots suit you ;-)


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