Tuesday 29 December 2009

Tama-Chan's Tiny Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Actually, soon I won't be able to call the babies tiny anymore. They are all well over 400 grammes now and personalities are beginning to shine through. I know many of you have asked about their names. All will be revealed very soon!

In the interim, we decided that it was time for the kits to do a little more with their legs than just be in the bed, so we moved the big "fort" onto the floor and cut a door into it. The first one out of it and off exploring was my little girl!

The others followed suit:

In order to get them used to the idea of eating "out" we set up a miniature buffet for them:

They also got their nails properly clipped:

They still spend quite a bit of time in little kitten piles in their basket, though. Sometimes, it's hard to tell which limb belongs to whom!

As for me, dear friends, I am still eating five large meals a day but #1 tells me I look utterly gorgeous, and took a photo to prove it!


  1. you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! and the babies are gorgeous as well!

  2. You are looking gorgeous! And your bebbehs certainly take after you!

  3. Our momma is wanting to kiss each of those little kittens right on the lips☺

  4. Motherhood becomes you, Tama. Those babies seem to be having lots of fun in their newly expanded world.

  5. Oh your kits are beyond gorgeous! And how absolutely adorable in those tiny kit piles!!!

  6. Oh my!

    Good job getting their legs ready fur me to chase 'em around!

    All of woo look beaWOOOOtiful and just purrrrrrfekht!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  7. You are stunning Tama! Leave it to the little girl to be the lead explorer. What a sweet, sweet family you have. Be well, my friends, and grow strong.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  8. Oh Tama-Chan your babies are all so beautiful! And you look radiant as well - you must be very proud of them getting around so well on their own!

  9. #1 is right; you do look utterly gorgeous, Tama-Chan.

    The kittens are growing so fast. It must be exciting for them to see some more of their new world.

  10. Tama Chan
    You do look uttewly gowgeous!!!!!!
    And as fow youw babies..they awe too pwecious fow wowds! I love theiw kitten pile.
    You awe such a good Mommi and they awe clevew little leawnews
    I wish I could come nuzzle them
    smoochie kisses,ASTA

  11. Awww, Tiny Tuesday! and tiny kitten sized dishes...too sweet for words!

  12. Tama-Chan, you couldn't NOT look gorgeous, let me tell you! I wonder, what will happen to the wee ones when they all grow up? Will they have to go far away, or will they live with you forever an' ever? Also, are you teaching them to speak Japanese?

  13. Way to go the kitties!!
    Tama Chan will be busy in the next days§....

    ViVi & AB

  14. Such sweet babies! They are growing too fast.

  15. You are looking more bootiful than ever, my darling! And those babies are getting cuter every day!

  16. You are absolutely gorgeous, Tama-chan. The epitome of elegance and beauty :D

    Your kittens are pretty darn cute too.

    9 and Chani

  17. How can so much cute be packed into such tiny kittens???

  18. Tama-Chan, #1 is right -- you look lovely! And those kittens could not be cuter! Can't wait to find out names.

  19. Let's hear it for the little lady leading the way! Tama-chan motherhood suits you, you look mahrvelous!

  20. we think the babies are beautiful but tama you are stunning!!!we can't wait to hear the babies names!!


    kodak, 3 perf and blossom

  21. Tama-Chan, you do look gorgeous! and your kittens are sooooo cute! It's wonderful seeing them toddling around now exploring their world. We hope #1 might be taking some videos, even just with her digital camera...

  22. Tama-Chan, those babies are little balls of purrfection. Glad to see them on the move!

  23. Awwwww ~ the kittens are looking really gorjussly cuddly! And yoo are beautiful!
    Looks like they are gonna be alert enuff to enjoy the bedtime reading when the book arrives ~ hopefully any day now.

  24. You are looking more beautiful than ever, Tama-Chan. And your babies! Your babies look so robust and full of health. You have done such an amazing job.

  25. The grace of family hospitality
    and the wise mother, 玉姫.

    They are all grown up
    in good health and
    very cute !!

  26. You babies are so beautiful!!! I love looking at them!!


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