Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Only a few more days until Christmas. #1 has promised a whole packet of Luvs, just for myself, and a wand toy, and she says each of the babies will get their own tiny gift!

Talking of nice gifts, our dear friend Gabriel had some fun with Photoshop and sent me this photo:

Merci, Gabriel! #1 tells me I look stunning...

I confess that I am getting a little bored being in the back room, with just the kits, all the time. Last night, #1 stayed with us for a long time as she wrote Christmas cards. It was nice to have her there. The rest of the time, it's the same routine...

So, did you notice the little fashion statement? We decided that the time had come to be able to tell the kittens (read the three boys) apart, so they are now all wearing collars, and we think they look very good in them. FYI, my little girl is wearing the yellow collar! Here are a few more shots of them.

The biggest boy is wearing the orange collar and the littlest the purple one.

Oh, and we do have new and improved accommodations. Now that the little ones are beginning to move around, we thought it would be safer to install a fort, suitably decorated for Christmas of course.

Yuu-Chan asked me to tell you he is feeling better. Thanks for all the good wishes.

And finally,would like to say WELCOME BACK, ANGUS! You were among our very first blogging buddies and we're so glad you're back!


  1. Gosh those kittens look like they are growing up so quickly! We got Mica when he was just 5 weeks and 6 days old and he was so tiny, Mom could hold his tummy in her hand with his legs on either side. He looked so much like your babies! He is sitting in Mom's lap while she types this (not an easy feat as she's balancing the laptop on her knees) and admiring all the photos!

    Our verification word is "pates" - is that your request for Christmas dinner?

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica

  2. Bravo Gabriel,

    Tama looks great with X'Mas jewels, and kitties too!

    ViVi & AB

  3. Mom says she will try to steal the boy with the orange collar if an opportunity shows up. Good to hear Yuu-Chan is better! We got your card - it's lovely! We hope ours gets to you before Christmas too.

  4. Love the snuggle pile of kittens!

  5. Such pretty babies growing so fast. cindy

  6. Look how big those cuties are getting! You look very festive too Tama-Chan. You will all have such a cuddly Christmas.

    Purrs out to Yuu-Chan.

  7. They are getting so big!!! Tama you look lovely in your decorations. You know once upon a time I was a Christmas Kitten....gosh that was 4 years ago now!


  8. Oh the babies look adorable with their collars - they are adorable no matter what though, so it would be hard for them not to wear them well. Now we just need to know their names!

  9. Tama, darlin', may I say how beautiful you are? And your wee ones are takin' after their mother. My mom was makin' all sorts of embarrasin' noises over them when they were born, and she does not fail to visit everyday to check on their progress. If only we lived in France! By the way, does your #1 speak to you all in French or Japanese?

    Love, Angus

  10. Oh wow the kittens are just getting cuter every day!


  11. Wow, they are getting so big! The collars look cute and I guess you'd need something to tell them apart. Sorry you are getting bored (I would bet too), but glad you had some company. Happy Holidays!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  12. I was going to suggest putting different coloured nail polish on their claws to tell them apart, but the collars are much more stylish (and it helps me see who's who, too).

    I think Mummy is getting a particularly soft spot for the little chap with the red collar. As for me, I've got a big soft spot for the foxy Mama!

  13. Those collars are quite fetching. Please let us in on the secret of their names!

  14. Good idea to have collars to know which kittie is a boy or a girl. They are getting bigger with each passing day. Love all of your holiday photos. Won't be long now before Santa Paws comes. Hope all of your wishes come true.

  15. We swear those kitties doubled in size since yesterday:) Their little collars are so cute - hope we can learn the names soon. #1 is so nice to stay with you too.

    We were happy to see Angus too.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  16. Of khourse, I have my eyes on the one with the PURPLE khollar!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  17. The kittens in their collars are just adorable. The NSLM was very happy to see a yellow collar and on the 'girl' kitten too! He was very excited.

    love and woofs

  18. They are so cute with their differnet collars!
    We are glad you are feeling better Yuu-Chan!

  19. Gosh, Tama, your kittehs are so robust and completely adorable! They obviously get their stunningly good looks from their Mama!

  20. Those babies look stunning in their new collars. But of course! They take after their mom!

    Your friend,

  21. Those babies in their collars are so cute!!!

  22. Yes, get them identified and you must pick out names!

  23. Tama, you look like a queen in that photo!!!

  24. タマちゃん!
    日本の友達 マチルダ

  25. Awww .. the sweet little kitties look adorable in their collars! And they sure are growing fast ~ are yoo giving them spinach?
    Merry Chrismouse to yoo all.

  26. The kittens seem to be growing big so quickly! and my goodness they are so cute! Glad to hear that Yuu-Chan is getting over his cold.

  27. The kittens are so cute and they are growing so fast!

  28. Oh, what a lovely Christmas Queen you are and how fast your babies are growing, so cute in their collars (mewmie said she is glad we come in lots of different colors which makes it easier to tell us apart, hahameow)


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