Monday, 28 December 2009

Manly Monday with Tommy and Yuu!

Tom: I am sorry there were no photos of me yesterday. It is getting difficult to get a look-in with all those cute kittens to photograph! But #1 tells me I should bask in my uniqueness, and I do!

I have been very much enjoying the new stuffie I got for Christmas. It is a very wintery themed one as it is an ice hockey player, and let me tell you right now that there is nothing manlier than a woofie sleeping with his ice hockey player stuffie!

Or basking in a ray of sunshine with it...

Yesterday morning, we went to the chateau and I was able to enjoy my favorite pastime of moat surfing! It's pretty steep so it's fun to run up and down, chasing sticks of wood!

Yuu-Chan: I am finally supposed to be going in for my snip surgery tomorrow morning so spare a purr for me please, especially that I can't have any food after 7pm tonight, and I love to eat. Sigh...

I got a fabulous glittery orange mouse for Christmas and I have been having a great time with it!

And finally, I have a ray of sunshine photo for you too!


  1. Awwwwww ... we are glad yoo are all having a fun time! We love the pics.

  2. What handsome boys you are. Your stuffie looks like it is great fun, Tommy. Yuu, we are sending you big purrs! We hope you havea super speedy recovery:)

  3. We will purr for you for your snip snip operation, Yuu. Tommy, that is a fun stuffie toy.

  4. Sending helaing purrs to Yuu. The snip stuff isn't so bad.

    Hi Tommy. (Fenris)I think the kitten may actually be my friend one day. Poor thing Scylla hisses at it, me and Socks. This is actually an improvement Saturday she was hissing at the beans too.~ Fenris & Socks

  5. You are special Tom!! And that hockey player stuffy is extremely manly and looks like a great toy. Good luck at the vet's Yuu-Chan. It will be over before you know it.

    Your friend,

  6. Good luck with that snip surgery. Will you have a little kittie cone on your head? Hehehe.

    Of course a hockey stuffie is most manly for sure.


  7. Tommy, you are very manly indeed with your stuffie. Yuu-chan, sending out hugs and purrs. I'm sure your snip snip will go just fine.

    Purrs & hugs,
    9, Chani and Marlene

  8. I am certain your surgery will go well but I shall keep purring today! Take care!!!

  9. Those are all great pictures of both you boys - it looks like you got some great Christmas presents. You must have been very good.

    We are sending you lots of purrs for your snipping - Barney especially since his was the most recent in our house! We know you will be fine!

  10. That moat surfing looks like a great game!

  11. Oh my!

    Those pikhs were worth the wait Tommy!

    So much handsomeness!

    As fur woo Yuu, I hope the s'nip-pin goes well fur woo!


  12. We will purr extra hard for you Yuu and your snip surgery. We are hoping it's a "snap"!

    Grete thinks Tommy's toy is way cool.

  13. Tommy

    Your pics are great! Wonderful new stuffie!

    Best of luck with the surgery tomorrow Yuu.

    love and woofs

  14. Cosmo and I have just come back from a trip to the vet. Not happy!

  15. Our thoughts will be with you tomorrow.

  16. Ni hao, Manly Men! It's "tante Dapheeeene" in PEI. You have some pretty cute nephews there, and a sweet tiny niece too. Congratulations, and good luck on "snip day", Yuu. Give my regards to Number One!

  17. Hello Friends!
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics and good luck at the vet!
    Happy Holidays to all!!


  18. Yuu, we both sending you RUMBLEPURRs. be safe and well.

  19. we love manly mondays! The sunshine looks wonderful!! We'll send purrs your way for your snip surgery!!! Purrs and woofs!!!

    Velcro, kodak, 3 perf and blossom

  20. You'll never miss 'em, Yuu! But good luck with the surgery today.

    And may be surrounded by cute kitties, but they will never have your magnificent ears!

    Your pal,

  21. Tom, your stuffie looks nice - and manly ;-) And you look very handsome in the sun.

    Yuu, the pictures of you are lovely and we'll be purring and purring for you.

  22. what a cool stuffie, Tommie! and Yuu-Chan, your orange mousie looks like lots of fun. Good luck with that little surgical encounter!


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