Thursday 17 December 2009

Thursday's Thnowy Thurprise!

Thei-Chan: Yes! Its me again, or should I say it'th me again! Thei-Chan! Amazingly and quite unusually, we woke up to snow this morning, and we're told it will continue to come down tomorrow!

Here I am at the window this morning:

We put put lots of birdseed out every morning, and there was quite a queue today!

Of course, Tommy, the all-weather pup, didn't mind the snow at all as long as he got to romp in the fields and get his frisbee thrown for him!

Needless to say, there is only one truly sensible thing to be doing in this sort of weather...

and I'm glad to see that Tama-Chan's kittens are following my advice:

By the way, we have our Aussie friends staying with us for a few days and once #1 is done with her work, there are plans for a roaring fire, a game of scrabble and hot cocoa!


  1. Yep, Tama-Chan and the kittens have the right idea! Stay safe and warm!!

    We still don't have any snow!! We at least want a white Christmas!!

  2. Those sporty dogs don't know when to come in out of the cold. Sigh. I like the sound of a warm fire and yummers foodables.


  3. Thweet Thei-Chan, you and the little Chans thertainly had the right idea! We would be thnuggling up nice and warm too!

  4. Thnow?! Wow, you win. The weather forecast is still indecisive wether it's going to be a white Christmas or not over here. We will be going to the other type of human's parents and they usually have snow, so we'll see.
    We love today's pictures and hope #1's work is done soon, 'cos that hot cocoa sounds promising.

  5. 7uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Yes, that's a secret message from Chilli to Yuu-Chan.

  6. It is FREEZING cold here right now and the Lap Lady is following your lead and leaving Snap alone because it is too windy and the ground is frozen and (you get the idea of excuses...). Curl up and enjoy being snug at home!!

    hehe, word verification is "presto"

  7. The kittens are growing like little weeds, aren't they? I agree, the only sensible response to snow is hot chocolate, kitties, & Scrabble!

    Tommy looks like he's having a blast in the snow!

  8. Oh I am not a fan of the Snow I admit it. We are getting some soon though. I think you are smart to stay in and stay warm and cozy. Tommy and #1 are brave to face that kind of cold!

  9. Great pics today ~ espeshully the kitten pile!

  10. Those adorable kits have the correct plan of action - snuggles and naps in a nice, warm, cozy bed!

    Whitey likes your ice Frisbee, Tommy! hahahaha!

  11. Oh Tommy!

    Pawesome weather!

    PeeEssWoo: The khytties are so furry khute!

  12. Great pix, but we're just LOVING the kitten shot.


  13. Oooh, a roaring fire, hot cocoa, snow falling, Scrabble, a furry head to scratch and a basket full of kittens—what time shall we be there? Sounds like bliss!

    Your pals,

    Petey, Mica and Mom!

  14. Looks like the kittens are trying to play Twister!

  15. Love the kitten pile :D and snow... We had hail here in San Francisco the other week. You should have heard us all complaining about the coldness. Still, I wish we had some snow here... ah well...

    hugs and skritches to you all!

  16. We love the sound of roaring fires, scrabble and hot drinks!

    Wish we got some snow here - it will be amazing if we do! Last year, it took til February and then only for a day!

    Enjoy your snow Tommy and Tama-Chan and the kittens look so warm and comfortable!

    love and woofs

  17. Look at those four little rolypoly tummies - Mom is trying to reach in and rub them. We are hoping for snow here - maybe next week we will get a big storm - so they say.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  18. Were you dreaming of a white Christmouse? Enjoy your fire.

  19. I am glad you are all warm and snuggly on the inside. It looks very cold outside!

  20. I hope your thnow stays for Cwithmith, or that you get thum more!

    Looks like kitten eyes are opening!!!

  21. Look at the chubby kitten tummies, they are perfection!!!!

    (if I didn't know better, I'd swear one of them had Misha's nose...)

  22. the kittens look wonderful! can we come over and play??

    We think you guys are super smart to stay away from the cold white wet stuff!!


    Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom

  23. Stay warm you all!!! Nice to see some flakes pour Noel!

  24. Brr! You have the right idea, staying in the warm places is the best. Even Abby has been a lap-cat lately.

    The kittens look beautiful!

    Abby & Stygia


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