Monday 22 June 2009

Tommy's Manly Monday Tidings

Tom: I am rather late in blogging today as my scribe has been busy, setting up some breeder visist for a potential Australian buyer of Percheron horses. And this morning, we introduced the girls to their surprise! More about that from Tama-Chan tomorrow.

So, let's get back to me, Tommy! I have over the past couple of weeks shown you photos of me with various flowering bushes. Today, I would like to show you how manly it is to wear a garland's in one's hair (ears actually):

I personally think that the green "pearls" looked very lovely in my ears, but we will not get into discussing #1's language during the 20 minutes it took her to brush out my ears... Sigh...

Anwyay, as you can see, I was out with my Frisbee, which has become a rare occurrence because we have bee having so much wind. But fear not! I have not lost my touch!

I didn't bump into Gusto at all last week but we did meet Pataud twice. Now, he is a big guy and pretty dominant, so I have to be very laid back around him, which of course I do exceptionally well!

In conclusion for today, here is my take on the perfect sleeping position, with my favourite tennis ball in my paws, so that I know I will dream of good things!

Be sure to check back in tomorrow when Tama-Chan will tell you all about "the surprise"!!!


  1. Oh, Tommy! Those pearls look somewhat like the stickers and stuff Grayson gets underneath him when he goes inside the shrubs! Grayson has very sticky furs - Mom says it's a lot like velcro.

    We are very excited to see the "surprise"!

  2. Those pikhs helped put a smile bakhk on Mom's face...

    Tank woo fur your transatlantikh paw powers...

    We need Sam to find Laska....

    PeeEssWoo: I'm looking furward to TUEmorrow's post!

  3. Tommy, we hate some green pearls in this house - particular when I get them stuck on my underbelly and I do, believe me!

    Love the frisbee photo!

    Can't wait to see the surprise tomorrow!

    lots of woofs

  4. Impressive frisbee photo!
    but we love better your ears with curly hair....

    ViVi & AB

  5. Tommy
    That gawland in youw eaw was exceptionally bootiful, you weaw it in the most manly way too. I don't undewstand whey youw mom didn't appweciate the gowgeousness of it. Youw fwisbee technique is pawfect as oosual... sweet dweams Tommy!
    I can't wait to heaw about the suwpwise
    smoochie kisses

  6. Tom, do you still have some of those "pearls" stuck on the furs on your arm? Or maybe that's just some spots.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about the surprise tomorrow!

  7. great pics - those green things didnt look fun - but i am sure you had fun getting them stuck to you

    cool frisbee trick - i cant do frisbees - but mommy keeps trying

    woodrow sweetie mj

  8. You look very sweet with the garland in your furs/ears. Uh, and manly too.
    Mom is just dying over the snuggles again on your sunday post.

  9. We thoughts the green pearls looked nice in your ears. ~S,S,C & F

  10. The green pearls are the perfect touch for Manly Tommy, but Mom says she understands the dilemma for #1. Especially with the little bit of curl in that fur.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  11. You are very manly catching the frisbee and with the green pearls in your ears!

    Lovely shots :)

    Looking forward to tomorrow's "surprise" pictures :)

    9 and Chani

  12. We like the green pearls and think you should've left them in.

  13. I think the perfect sleeping position would be having Tama-Chan wrapped up in my arms. *sigh*

  14. That Pataud looks like one serious shepherd. I'm glad that you got to play with your frisbee. Hope you had a nice nap.

    Your friend,

  15. You're such a handsome fellow, Tommy, with or without pearls!

  16. hi Tommy! that photo of you with the frisbee is GREAT! such a cool action shot. we love that stuff.

    yeah, our mom says HBO words when we get those kind of weedies stuck in our hairs too. #1 must be very experienced at removing those things, since it only took her 20 minutes! our lazy mom just cuts them out of our hair!

    we're looking forward to hearing about the surprise from Tama-Chan. do you know what it is?


  17. You must be exhausted Tommy! It looks like you had quite a busy day!

  18. Us kittiez would yike to tell youz ta tell youz momma ta watch out fur those flower buds on yourz ears. Once one of those ended up inside da ear of our doggy an' he had ta go ta da dog-tor ta have it removed with a surgical instrument! It was even sprouting a little by the time it was removed! Guess you can grow potatoes in youz ears if youz not careful!


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