Friday, 26 June 2009

Frootbat Friday!

Tama-Chan: Before we move on to frootbatty matters, we would like to start with a very important matter. Many of you know that a young Siberian Husky rescue, Laska, went missing just after arriving at a temporary foster home. We need to find LASKA soon and our friend Khyra tells us that the Power of the Paw this time needs to be GOLDEN, a colour that will help people embrace Laska. So, in keeping with this theme, we are including our own golden photo for Laska:

So, Friday it is! Yesterday, #1 took this double frootbat photo which we rather like!

Addendum: As we have received an enquiry already, we thought we would tell you that I am on the left and Sei-Chan is on the right!

We were both hanging out in the shade on the windowsill because it was quite warm outside!

And here I am, looking according to #1 like a cross between a gazelle and a giraffe!

And little Sei-Chan crossing ("khrossing" actually...) her paws and thinking good thoughts for Laska:

And Tommy's single flying ear:


  1. We are adding our purrs crossed paws that Laska will be found soon!

    Your double Frootbat has us scratching our heads. We can not tell who is Tama-Chan and who is Sei-Chan!

    Hi, Tommy boy!

  2. Such cute pictures!! I love the one of Sei-Chan and her little crossed paws. I hope Laska comes home soon.

  3. Not necessary to travel so far #1 has allready a atmosphere of Africa.

    ViVi & AB

  4. We have our paws crossed that Laska is found soon. ~S,S,C & F

  5. Power of the Pei Paw is with you. I love Frootbat and Flying Ears Friday!

    Ear scratches to everyone!

    Pei Ess, help yourself to that award!

  6. Purrs and golden thoughts for Laska.

  7. TANK WOO!

    It is a beaWOOtiful sight to see!

    PeeEssWoo: Grrrrrrr...been trying to get in 'here' fur thirty+ minutes! The page wouldn't load...

  8. Look at your beautiful slender long neck!

    I am thinking positive golden thoughts for Laska.

  9. great pics

    and wonderful happy pawsitive thoughts for laska

    woodrow sweetie mj

  10. I really hope Laska is found soon as well. It has to be terribly hard for the family right now. With prayers and a little luck, hopefully, everything will work out.

    The double frootbat picture was my favorite this week. Very cute!

  11. I have a long neck like yours! Do you find your head gets kind of heavy and you need to rest your chin a lot?


  12. Sending good thoughts that Laska will be found soon.

    Such cute pictures today :)

    9 and Chani

  13. Love the photo of Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan from behind! Great poses!

    We're keeping our paws crossed for Laska.

    Take care

  14. We just love your new enclosure! What a wonderful place to play and be outside and be safe!

    We will purr for Laska's safe return home.

  15. We heard about Laska yesterday and are sending all our good thoughts and purrs out so he is found.

    And boy oh boy Tama-Chan, you have such a long neck in that picture - I haven't ever seen anything like it - you must be stretching to see something really awesome!

  16. Ohhh, TC! Your beautiful neck looks so long and nuzzable!

  17. Such a mess with missing woofie.

    But you two look great as ever.


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