Saturday 20 June 2009

Sei-Chan's Sisterly Saturday

Sei-Chan: It's my day of the week again! Over the past week, I have been further developing my cuddling skills and #1 has been complaining that she's getting out of bed later and later every morning because it is just too delicious to be cuddling with me. Yay!!!!

So, I decided that my theme for this week would be "sisters." I am very fortunate in having a really sweet sister who puts up with my boisterousness with hardly ever a complaint. She is fun to play with but #1 often bemoans the difficulty in getting good play shots of us as we move so fast! Here we are playing on the day we got that great box of goodies from Siena and Chilli:

The top of the bed is also a favourite play location. Here is Tama-chan attacking me as I skulk under the covers:

It's also fun to play the kitty version of bitey-face when we're on #1's desk...

And here we are at one of the windows, wondering what's outside:

It's so much fun to have a sister to share everything with. Of course, we also spend a lot of time grooming and napping together. But I have NO idea why #1 laughed when she saw this. Is there something wrong with napping on one's sister? She is very soft and cozy!

I know! I am very lucky to have such a sweet sister! Hurray for Tama-Chan!


  1. I second the hooray for Tama-Chan! You two girls are so adorable together!

  2. awwwws I want to come lives at your house!!! You girls are just SOOOO sweet!!! And oh boy would I LOVE to nap on Tama-Chan also!! I try with Mushka but she only lets me beside her :(
    You two sisfurs were just meant to be sisfurs :)))

  3. It's very nice to have a sister to play, considering Sei Chan had none at her beginning.

    ViVi & AB

  4. *singing*

    Sisterrrrrs, sisterrrrrs, never were there such a pair of sisterrrrrsss!


    W.Wuudler esq.

  5. It has been lovely to watch your relationship develop with your brother and sister, young Sei-Chan. We agree, hooray for Tama-Chan:)

  6. Hi Sei chan!

  7. Watching the two of you being such good sisters is a joy!

  8. You two are so cute together! We especially like how you squish your ears when you are under the pillow, and your "shark" look when playing bitey-face on the desk.

    Abby & Stygia

  9. Did I miss the Tommy pikh?

    Furry khute! I would love to play bitey face with woo two!

    PeeEssWoo; Hi Tommy!

  10. Quite the cutie bundle.

    We still want a picture of Tom in a box ;-)

  11. Those are such cute pictures of you two playing. Sei-Chan, you reminded us of Abby sitting on Stygia when we saw you napping on Tama-Chan. It is wonderful to have a soft and cozy sister to nap on.

  12. So sweet to have a sister to have so much fun with. And a brother too:)

    Woos, the OP Pack

  13. Nothing like sisters!

    Great pics!

    lots of woofs

  14. Sei-chan, you are indeed very lucky to have such a wonderful sister!

    Tama-chan, you are the paragon of sisterly patience and tolerance. Such a great example to all out there!

    9 and Chani

  15. You two look like you really love each other! I have a sister, but she's a cat...or maybe Blossom will say I have a sister but she's a dog!! At least there are two girls in the house!!!

    We hope you guys had a really nice saturday!!



    and Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom

  16. so sweet - you guys look so nice snuggling together

    woodrow sweetie mj


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