Friday 19 June 2009

International Box Day!

We decided to participate in International Box Day even though we are not particularly prone to "doing" boxes. Still, it just so happens that we received some packages recently and Sei-Chan decided to try the game:

The first one seemed a bit of a tight fit, especially with all the toys in it...

But this one was just perfect! And it even came with bubble wrap!

Tama-Chan went WAY big in her selection. You don't think that looks quite right? Well, it is an ice BOX, isn't it?

And when she was very little, she was enormously fond of... no, not boxes... She had a thing for baskets...

Needless to say, our Tommy is a free spirit and does not do confined spaces at all!


  1. I'm not much of one for boxes either. I like to smooch the corners of them, but that's about it.

  2. Banshee has been shredding any cardboard in the house into little tiny pieces so boxes are few and far between. We do enjoy a nice basket.

    Tama-Chan, you look very lovely in yours. They look great with your fur!

    Purrs Goldie

  3. You don't do boxes? Uhm, please consider sending all your unused boxes to us, ok?!
    Purrs and a happy Finally Friday,
    Siena & Chilli

  4. Quick, put the lid on and post Sei-Chan to us!:)

  5. Woo khould use those boxes and khome see me!

    Tank woo fur sharing!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! I khan't say I blame woo ALTHOUGH some of my 'kind' love their khratie things!

  6. Tama take care, don't make "café glacé" with your little (poes-beans) coffe-bean toes

    ViVi & AB

  7. Isnt't this so much fun? Great box shots, love the cold box one. And little Sei-Chan will so love that bubble wrap. Can you please work on Tommy - we would really love you to send him for a visit?

    Woos, the OP Pack

  8. Charybdis is the only one of us who really loves boxes. ~S,S,C & F

  9. Boxes are good, but baskets are GREAT!

  10. too precious - us bullies are too big for boxes - but our sister when she was a puppy likes boxes


  11. Ooh I'd not considered baskets before, but I think I'll have to give them a go now I have seen how comfy they look! ;)


  12. We love the pics of you in the boxes - but we can't believe you're indifferent to them! We just love boxes.

  13. Oh, those are wonderful pictures - the icebox one is hilarious!

  14. cute kitties in boxes. we especially approve of the one with the bubble wrap. we wonder if you could poke your claws in that wrap and make it pop!!!!!

    good for you, Tommy, for not being boxed in. we agree!


  15. That ice box lives up to it's name quite well, doesn't it? :-D You both look adorable!

    We are more apt to do baskets as well, as Mom has hundreds of them!

  16. Sei-Chan in a basket! She's so muy cute-but the ice box! Brrrrrr! That's too cold! Tama-Chan, did you pop any of the bubble-wrap? Did you jump?

  17. that ice-box photo is amazing and the bubble wrap too! we love bursting bubble wrap in this house!

  18. We think that boxes and bags and baskets and trash cans...whatever suits your fancy should be just fine for boxing day. You sure look cute in that basket☺

  19. We hoped to see Tom in a box, but these pix will do just fine.

    I love baskets too, but boxes are the best.


    PS: Happy box day (belated)

  20. Of course, kittens love baskets, look cute in boxes, and that bubble wrap makes it especially comfy, we can tell that even from here!

  21. Baskets or boxes, hot or cold, bubble wrapped or full of toys and treats -- you definitely know how to play the Box Game.
    Thanks for taking part in Box Day (and p.s. - we're happy to make your acquaintance)
    Maggy & Zoey, the Zoolatry Girls


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