Monday 15 June 2009

Manly Monday

Tom: After a very nice and sunny weekend, it is now pouring with rain, so we know it's Monday. The weather people have promised us it's just a one day thing. Paws crossed!

Let me start off my manly Monday post with today's "Flowery Tommy" offering of me next to one of our mock orange trees in full bloom:

I spent the entire afternoon outside yesterday, providing invaluable moral support and help to #1 and Uncle U as they worked on the girls' cat run. It is not finished yet but much progress has been made and we think the girls are just going to love it!

In other news, I had an excellent time on Sunday morning when #1 and I ran into my friend Gusto, the young Brittany Spaniel, and his mum. He told me all his news and we had fun playing together!

I'm glad I got to spend so much time outdoors yesterday as I don't think we'll be going out too long today. I get to play with the girly girls indoors instead!

... as well as napping with them too, of course!


  1. I love to see you two getting alond, and sleeping together on that big pillow. I have wanted to add a Chihuahua to our house but Little Stevie and Marcy are like, "No way!"

  2. Nothing wrong with a nice relaxing day snuggling with the girls and enjoying your big bed.


  3. Mom and I would SOOOOO enjoy doing that! She was not happy when the radio went on at 5am!

    Happy Monday!

    Here's to your sun returning tres vites!


  4. We have torrential rain at the moment - just in from garden - we just got a tree planted and then the heavens opened.

    So, I'm joining you on the staying indoors for the rest of the day Tommy!

    lots of woofs

  5. Yay for progress on the cat run and running into old friends. We hope the rain comes and goes quickly, Tommy!

  6. You're a great snoopervisor Tom. You know they never would have gotten that much done without you right?


  7. I love how your sister is holding onto your sweet!

  8. Are you going to teach Sei-Chan how to play with your chew toy there, Tommy?

    It was nice to see Gusto again. We are happy to hear that you two had a fun time playing and catching up:)

  9. That catrun looks really pawsome! I need to ask my mom for one, but it may not work here since it is so hot, and going to be near 100 all week.

  10. Sorry about the rain. Well, you can rest up and really have fun on the next nice day. Great pictures. The cat run looks good. Bet they will enjoy it. You look handsome by the mock orange tree.
    Ernie & Sasha

  11. That photo of you on the round bed together is so cute!

  12. very cool a cat run - happy you had a good time with your buddy - hope your weather clears up soon

    woodrow sweetie mj

  13. Very nice cat run! Lovely photos with your sisters, Tommy :)

    9 and Chani

  14. Rainy days are purrfect for snuggles. Enjoy it!!

  15. Lucky cat girls & YOU to have them as snuggle friends!

  16. We are actually hoping it rains here as it is very HOT and very DRY. Mommy is having to water everything. You look great next to the mock orange. ~S,S,C & F

  17. Looks yike you was doin' some manly purr-suits taday! We yike it dat youz sleeps wif kittiez. Our Forrest has a thing fer Scout da 'triever. Forrest drools when he is wif Scout...sigh. Go figure!

  18. I'm still waiting for the 3-way snuggle, Tommy!

  19. And we don't think you mind it too much at all. Glad you got some good outside fun yesterday. We are all inside today too but that's because it is icky and hot and humid outside. Big storms coming in tonight.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  20. We have had terrible weather here for several days. I hope the sun shines for all of you tomorrow!

  21. Tommy you has such a great lifes! Gee I do not know how you can chose between running around free and catching up with your buddies to napping with two beautiful sisfurs.. *sigh* what a life :)))

  22. Tommy, you need a bigger cushion so that you and the girls can ALL sleep together. What a great day for you!

  23. It's a great life for a dog, huh Tom? My Grete dog went to the dog park today, sniffed up her friends and chased a ball, then gets to come home to her loving kitties! She still won't share a bed with us, but she does let me lick her ears. We hope some day we can snuggle with her the way you snuggle with your sisfurs! So sweet.

  24. Tom, your very presence alone should be a total inspiration to your humans. You sure know how to pose!

    Frankly, we are jealous that the girls are getting a run! It sounds so exciting.

    Abby & Styggie

  25. The girls are gonna love that run! Can't wait to see them in it for the first time!

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^

  26. Glad to see you had fun with your Brittany friend. Your sisters look like they will have a great run. That was so nice of you to supervise the construction. Hope the weather stays nice so you can play.

    Your friend,

  27. Your cat run looks wonderful girls!! The PM has been thinking of something similar the last few days since our free roam days are over. Also Banshee is a crazy cat outside. She wants to bolt and take off so the PM thinks she needs to be coralled.

    Purrs Goldie


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