Wednesday 17 June 2009

Caption and Clouds

Tama-Chan, TAMA-CHAAAAAAAN! Look! They're building 
something outside. Do you think it's for us?

#1: There have been some lovely photos of clouds in a number of posts recently, and we thought we would add our contribution too!

Up above:

And reflected in the water:


  1. Sei-Chan, you are so kyoot! Yes, we do think that might be something for you! But then, everything is for us, isn't it! :-D

    Your clouds are lovely! Our clouds lately have been vacillating between dark and ominous to just plain dreary and whitish-gray.

  2. I'll give her a paw up to see MORE!

    OH MY!

    Tank woo fur sharing your pawesome khlouds too!

    Furry nice!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  3. We are so looking forward to seeing the results of your cat run. We're hoping our mum will be inspired :)

  4. What a good jumper little Sei-Chan is! We have a lot of clouds too but they just pour down rain, very boring.

    Your friend,

  5. We hope the clouds go away, if not how to enjoy the cat run?

    We will send Uncle's U ASAP !

    ViVi & AB

  6. Hi Sei-Chan, it looks like you've been doing some excellent climbing! :) I've been doing some too, up the curtains and playing in the run... Funny how Mummy screams if she seems me doing the curtain dash and happily stands there watching me as I scale the run walls like a squirrel... ;) Oh and I've been seeing who will cuddle me too this week! :)


  7. OOooo, the reflected clouds are just gorgeous! Sei-Chan is so funny! So curious! Did Tama-Chan come to see?

    Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, my friends. You're precious to me!

  8. wow that reflection is incredible

    woodrow sweetie mj

  9. gordy and georgie17 June 2009 at 16:52

    Sei-Chan must have tremendously strong legs!
    The clouds in the water are very Monet-like.

  10. I'm sure Sei-Chan would squeeze through that gap if she could!

  11. Whoa, did you get a glimpse of your cat run!? I cannot wait until it's ready for you!

  12. Are you levitating? Can you show us how?

    Abby & Stygia

  13. Marvelous cloud pictures! Love the reflection one.
    Stop by when you get a chance; we have given you an award!

  14. Sei-chan, I'm so glad to see you excited about your cat run! I'm excited too. Thank you, #1. I shall have to post some cloud photos too!

    snuggles to Tama-chan, Sei-chan and Tommy!

  15. You look so cute, Sei-Chan.

    The cloud pictures are lovely.

  16. Hi everyone!!! we have missed you dearly!!!

    we love the pictures, especially the first one, that one made Mom lol :)

    We cannot thank you enough for all your support and encouragement the last few weeks on our blog. This has been a very rough time for the family and it helps to have such wonderful friends like you sending warm thoughts and prayers. We couldnt do it without you, so thank you dearly.

    Sending lots of wags, kisses, hugs and much love,
    Benson, Gibson, Sasha and theodore
    (and jaime)

  17. Oh, little one, you are going to have so much fun out there. Hope it is escape-proof.

    Beautiful skies and photos.

    woos, the OP pack

  18. Wow, Sei-Chan. You are one nimble kitty! You are as good or better than a watch dog and I can see that you have good skills to keep your eyes on everything!

    Your pal,

  19. Sei-Chan, you are so adorable! That doesn't look very comfy hanging up there!

  20. Sei-Chan, I can tell you it's something you and Tama-Chan are gonna love!


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