Saturday 27 June 2009

Saturday is Sei-Chan Day!

Sei-Chan: How do you think the world would feel if I put in a request to change the name to "SEiturday"? Don't you think it has a good ring to it?

So, here I am again. I have had such a fabulous week! Needless to say, the new cat run has been more fun than I could ever have imagined. #1 keeps telling us it's going to get a whole lot better once she puts in things like catwalks and high-up perches, but I think it's amazing already! Here is my favourite picture so far:

The one thing that is not perfect about the run is that Tommy isn't inside it with us!

My acrobatics have not been limited to the outdoors, though! Here I am on a high cross-beam inside the house!

#1 says that Ikkyu used to jump up there all the time but no one has done it since! There is a huge drop beneath the beam I am sitting on!

Here, for a change is a more grown-up and elegant picture of me. I have been studying my friend Khyra's poses, and really like the crossed paw look!

I have also been keeping in mind my duty to assist #1 with household tasks and was an enormous help to her when she changed the sheets and comforter cover...

With so much activity, I need my naps, and I don't know why #1 always smiles when she sees me stretched out like this...

I like to be long!

And that, dear friends, is all I have time for today. The sun and run are calling! Have a great Saturday and come back tomorrow for some snuggles!


  1. Sei Chan you are the sister of Don Benito!
    (Remember Don Benito became Dona Emma and is able of great feats)

    ViVi & AB

  2. #1 tells me that "Don Benito" who is in fact a sister of Tama-Chan's, was incredibly rowdy as a small kitten and has been known to climb walls... But I'm a very good little girl!


  3. Athletic, adventurous and adorable! Are there no end to your talents, Sei-Chan?!

    P.S. What did you think of the potential boyfriend I scouted for you? He was very cute and really outgoing - reminded me of you!

  4. Sei-turday!? Why only one day a week? Everyday is Sei-Chan Day. We love your enclosure and we LOVE how long you get!

  5. OH MY!

    Such fantastikh paw placement!

    I'm honoured woo are studying MOI!

    Siberians also like to be long OR khurled tightly!

    Happy Seiturday!

    BTW, my word is CATIG!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Tank woo fur all your help!

  6. On behalf of the world, we would love for Saturday to become Seiturday! It would make the day happier, in my opinion.

    I like to sleep stretched like that too. Mum and dad call me a Fui-worm:)

  7. I think it's an excellent idea to callit Seiday!!1
    IO love you all long and stwetched out look faboolous.
    That wun is pawfect fow youw skills..can't tommy go in to visit you thewe?
    well, I know you snuggle him inside the house, so he doesn't feel completey left out
    I hope all of you have a gweat day.
    smoochie kisses

  8. Sei-Chan

    Those photos are brillant! We just love how you can stretch out so long and so beautifully!

    lots of woofs

    (and Tinkerbell is mad jealous!!)

  9. Kiddo you are so cute no matter what you're doing or where you're doing it☺

  10. What a truly capital outdoor run you have! Your #1 is so good to make you a safe, yet adventurous, place to play! Sei-Chan, what an acrobat you are becoming-you are NOT afraid of heights, are you? I, too, enjoy helping my mom change the sheets on her bed..I also enjoy helping her to weed the flowerbeds. She finds such interesting insects for me to study.

  11. We think that is a wonderful way to spend your day. We especially like your pawful greeting to Tommy through the fence of your run.

    Abby & Stygia

  12. Your athletic prowess is enviable, Sei-chan. But, you are also growing up into a lovely lady cat. I can't wait to see the snuggles tomorrow!

  13. You are quite the climber! What an exciting time you are having! You are getting big too.

  14. Seiturday sounds good to us!

    The photos are lovely. We're looking forward to more pictures from your run. If you want, we could send you some catnip seeds. We're really enjoying the nip plants in our garden :-)

  15. Those are great photos - you are brave to go up so high! And I have no problem with a change to Seiturday!


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