Tuesday 10 February 2009

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: We're having a bit of a hard time coming back down to earth after all the excitement of yesterday, plus we had a big wind storm last night which, fortunately, did not cause any damage around here. So, I have decided that today's photos of me should combine elegance and a feeling of calm...

First, my Bastet look:

And now for the sweet dreams look:

I really liked that shawl and asked out guest that night if I could keep it. She said I could have it in a couple of years. Is that a very long time?

And finally, for today, we would like to thank out friends over at TT for the lovely award they gave us:

We have received this award before, and passed it on, but we are particularly thrilled to receive it again as we approach Valentine's Day!


  1. How regal you look, Tama-Chan! We can see why you asked to keep the shawl, what beautiful colours.

  2. Tama-Chan, you are always so lovely!

    -Gandalf and Grayson

  3. Right, Tama-Chan fix done for the day!

  4. Beautiful pictures. We understand you'd like the shawl. The colors are very nice. A couple of years is like 700 meals. A long time. Perhaps a little creative clawing could make the shawl yours right away?

  5. Maybe if you thought about squirrel hunting it would help Tama-Chan?! That or cuddling teddy bears always seems to help me! :)


  6. You look lovely, Tama-Chan. Nevermind the shawl, you got Tom!

  7. Tama Chan, you are lovely, right the shawl deserve your color!

    ViVi & AB

  8. Hi Tama-Chan. The Bastet photo of you is lovely...you do indeed look like an Egyptian goddess Cat in all your elegant sleekness. And silhouetted against the icy tree is especially lovely (Meowmy sees this as a quilt design someday). That shawl looks so soft and comfy and the colors in it make your furs glow...too bad you couldn't make the shawl "get lost" under the bed so you could keep it.

  9. Hahaha! Mom is silly: She had put in January at first and then realised it was February already and only changed the month. Thank you guys, it is good to know that I can count on you! Count! Hahahaha!
    Happy belated Half Birthday, Tama-Chan! Of course, you are invited to my Half Birthday party this Sunday 15th.
    Purrs, Chilli

  10. Tama-Chan, you make some extra-beautiful poses!

  11. Tama-Chan you look so elegant as always..I would like to hug you since my Mico doesn't allow me to...
    Maybe you will manage to keep that shawl if you will put your very best smile:-)
    Love you a lot,

  12. We think that you should hope for such a beautiful shawl for Valentine's Day! It is your perfect color!

  13. We do feel calm and peaceful now. Thanks, Tama-Chan!


    PS - You look so beautiful on that scarf. I don't know why your guest wouldn't just let you have it now.

  14. That is a great photo Tama-Chan. You looks great!
    Love the shawl too.
    Now the storm arrived in northern Germany! Hopefully it will not be too bad.
    Luna, Luzie and sleeping Olli

  15. Yoo look bootiful on the red scarf Tama!

  16. The Bastet pose is so wonderful. "Bastet" -- yet another superb word that is not in my dictionary. That's so blasphemous, they need to add it and "whap" asap.

    Cat Power!

    Abby & Stygia

  17. たまちゃん、とてもきれい!

  18. Tama-Chan, you look so glamourous and regal!


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