Saturday 7 February 2009

All About US!

Tom: We received from our friend Fenway an award that is also a meme:

Here are the rules that go along with it:

"When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows he or she is real. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have 7 friends. Show the 7 random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog.” Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on! "

Before I tell you all about me, here is a very honest-looking photo of me to put you in the mood:

So, here goes:

1)  I am a real mummy's boy. I am always with my #1. Fortunately, she works at home, so that's possible, and when she goes out, she takes me with her as much as possible.

2) I love to chew! #1 complains that, sometimes, when we go out stick-throwing in the big field, I spend more time chewing on the sticks than running after them! But I never chew on shoes, slippers or the like!

3) I love everybody! People, other woofies, kitties - the lot! #1 knows she can take me anywhere!

4) Even though I am not yet 18 months old, I have heavy responsibilities at home with my kitten sister who has decided that I am her mum.... That's OK, because she loves cuddles and she is really sweet.

5) I do not walk well on the lead. #1 got a Halti harness with a control lead, to teach me, but we haven't started yet.

6) For a while, I was occasionally forgetting myself at night on the rug downstairs. #1 got really mad and now, we have morning inspection before going out first thing. I am so proud of myself, I lead her downstairs and strut around to show her... nothing!

7) When I come back in from playing outside, I am trained to lie down and wait for my paws to be wiped (and my belly scratched!)

8) I love catching the Frisbee and, lately, I have developed a passion for tennis balls thrown really far away with the Chuck-it

9) I never run off on my own. If #1 opens the door and lets me out, I sit just outside it, waiting for her

10) I love good food, such as my home-cooked lunches, which are mixed in with my Pro-Plan, but I am not treat-driven

Tama-Chan: Tommy says I have to do the list too, but I am only 6 months old so I am not sure there will be enough to tell. But, first a picture:

1) I am quite the acrobat! I can leap onto anything and off anything. Nothing is beyond my reach! And I can run as fast as the wind!

2) I love to play, especially with feathers. But Tommy likes to steal my toys and often, #1 has to rescue them from him, all slimy and disgusting.

3) I have the tiniest voice. #1 says that I sound like a tiny mouse...

4) The great love of my life is my brother Tommy. I love to purr for him and cuddle with him, and play with him too!

5) I love to eat. #1 prepares me wonderful meals. My favourites are chicken and all kinds of paté, and I just love yoghurt!

6) #1 calls me her "Poubelle Girl" which means "Garbage Girl" actually... We have a little container by the sink for "wet" stuff and I do like to fish around for any tidbits I might enjoy

7) I like to disappear sometimes, to sleep in quiet corners. Our house has lot of nooks and crannies, which is a lot of fun. But #1 always makes sure she knows where I am last thing at night, so I don't get locked up anywhere

8) I love to lie on my Boogie Mat in front of the computer screen, to help #1 with blogging and work, and of course catch the mousie on screen!

9) I move around quite a bit at night but my favourite sleeping place is under the covers, right up against #1

10) I am a little bit shy, although also very curious!

So, now you know everything. We would like to pass on this award to seven of our friends. We have noticed that this has mainly been circulating around woofie circles so far, so we will put emphasis on kitties:


  1. That was a fun meme! Your honest photos were a great addition:) We laughed at the idea of you fishing in the rubbish for treats, Tama-Chan!:)

    Tommy, good job on not leaving your business on the rugs.

  2. This is the coolest! We love these memes. It is the best to get to know facts about our friends! Tom, we were wondering what "forgetting yourself on the carpet" means, but mom said there's an end even to cat curiousity. Hrmpf! You are a very well trained dog and were sure you will learn to walk an a leash. Anyway, we prefer the thought of you dashing freely on the field around your house. But sometimes a leash is necessary.
    Tama-Chan, we almost hear your little voice! We wouldn't have thought that you were shy. But we remember your mom saying that you are getting very playful with humans, so that is a very good sign. Ewwww, to slimy toys!
    Have a lovely Saturday!
    Siena & Chilli

  3. Thanks guys!

    Mummy had a dream about you last night! She moved to France (the village was called Poupounette!) and when she arrived and got out of the car she saw a doggie - guess who?!

    She woke up before she could meet Tama-Chan which she was a bit bummed about.

  4. I so enjoyed learning more about you guys!! :) Thank you so much for passing the Honest Scrap award onto us! We actually received the award a while back and posted our "truths"...but it's always an honour to be passed along one of these awards by our bloggerland friends! :)(I have added to you my thanks under the award in my sidebar). :)

  5. Thank you for your honest description.
    We are happy to met you in real.
    ViVi & AB

  6. What a good guy you are Tom! Walking nicely on leash is very hard. We sporting dogs just have to sniff everything.

    Your friend,

  7. Tom, I think it is so special how good you are with kitties!

    Tama-Chan, I'll bet you could be a Circus cat!

  8. Congratulations! Maybe we should get a dog?


  9. It is so fun to learn mores bout yoo both!

    Tom do not feel bad, Jake had a hard time on his leash too, but we used a harness which is easier to learn and control. Now he can't waits to go out and walk! (Of course there is way too much snows out there now.)


  10. it was very nice learning these things about you both! and what great pictures of each of you!

  11. That was neat! I liked learnin' new things about you, Tom, and you, too, Tama-chan! You are very brave to be honest about your "forgetfullness", Tommy. I am not sure I would be so brave.

  12. hi kiddos, we sure did like reading those things about you. you are very good at telling us stuff. we think you are really interesting. we are amazed at what good friends you are. we don't know how to be friends with kitties, but we would like to.


  13. Furry nice things to learn about woo two!

    This has been a khool MeMe thing to share!

    PeeEssWoo: Tom: nice to see I'm not the only one that does THAT sometimes!

  14. Tommy, we think you must be the sweetest, snuggliest dog ever! No wonder little Tama-Chan loves you so much! Congratulations on your honest award. We loved hearing all the honest things about you! Thank you for passing it along to us. We'll try to think of some honest thing... honest!

    -Gandalf and Grayson

  15. What great facts about you two!! A perfect pair!

  16. What a good list! I like to be with my mom and she works at home, too!


  17. Fun! Tom, how do you feel about being Tama-Chan's "mum"? And what is the silliest place #1 has ever found you, Tama-Chan?

    We will pounce on our own answers as soon as possible.

    Abby & Stygia

  18. I love that meme's rules. They are very funny. It is so nice to learn more about you two. Tom, I already suspected that you are the nicest woofie ever, and item #3 proves I was right. Tama-Chan, I can imagine your sweet tiny little voice. My brother has a very tiny voice for a giant kitty, and it always makes my mommy smile.


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