Friday, 13 February 2009

Frootbat Friday With Feathers!

Tama-Chan: It's me again, the main feature of our Frootbat Friday feature (Kaze, we're missing you today!!!).

Here is a suitably Frootbatty photo of me:

But I would also like to address a question posed by Siena and Chilli to yesterday's post, about the feather toy in that photo. YES! It is an awesome feather toy and it is MINE! I discovered it all on my own (I refuse to say where...) and came downstairs with it in my mouth two evenings ago! #1 says she has no idea what it is and where it came from. But I found it and I LOVE it! #1 insisted on checking it closely to make sure it wasn't alive recently, and found it to be safe.

I just think it's SO elegant! The perfect feather toy for a little princess...


  1. You're very pretty Tama-chan. Mom says my ears go fruitbatty too on occasion.

  2. What a great find Tama-Chan! I am sure you will have a lot of fun with that feather. And of course you look so pretty as usual.

    Your friend,

  3. Okay, okay, if THAT'S what frootbattage is about, we're definitely out of the game. But Chilli will still have a go at it at time, 'cos she likes the idea of being frootbatty! Tama-Chan, this is the most grown-up picture of you so far. My oh my, you look like a lady! You're coming to Chilli's kitten half Birthday this Sunday? The little one is having her lady operation at the moment. We can't wait to pick her up and will post later on how she's doing.
    That feather toy is rated A+ around us. It is very elegant indeed, yet need a good killing at times. Purrfect!

  4. We think we need an "upstairs" if that's where they're hiding all the gems. Plus Olivia loves playing on stairs.

    Humaaaans, we need an upstairs.

    Humans: But there are people living up there.

    C&O: So...?

  5. I'm so sorry Tama-Chan, my Lap Lady made me give it up this week. No fear, I'll be back next week and you've done a fabulous job of showing off your froot!


  6. Lovely fruitbattage as always, Tama-Chan! we European/American descended cats just don't have the right genetic equipment to produce such beautifully large translucent ears. Your feather toy is the perfect thing for an elegant young lady such as yourself. We wonder where it came from??

  7. Tama-Chan, how awesome that you hunted and found such a very special toy.

  8. i loves that pretty feather!!!

    and i loves your ears! but mommy now sometimes calls me a froo bat when i tune my ears to hears stuff

  9. Woo look nice and all BUT I prefer Froot Bat Friday with Titus The Mud Husky!

    Happy Weekend!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tom!

  10. Of course you can bring Tommy! We will all snuggle together, just like we wished for yesterday! How very interesting this queen-in-training status, Tama-Chan - we didn't know! We take it from that that the second test was okay, too? YAY! Siena had this "heat" too: Christmas! She was very, very funny but really got on my nerves after a while. It just wasn't fun wrestling, because she just sat still, making little sounds, with her tail on one side, instead of fighting me off like she usually does. Ha! So that is why you look so grown-up in your picture! Hahahaha!
    Purrs, Chilli

  11. A very nice feather ...are you going to tickle someone...Tom maybe..

  12. It's Saturday here, TC and you know what that means. *makes kissy noises on the screen*

  13. Tama fev-vers are the bestest toys ever! Yer looks extra fev-very too.

    Yoo is a bootiful frootbat!

  14. What a gorgeous picture of your frootbattage! Your upstairs must be the most magical place if you find such mysterious and wonderful feather toys there.

  15. haha little Tama-Chan, you make sure you do not eat those fevvers like I does, they is tasty but does not break down on my belly :(
    Spiky no 2's hehe


  16. Come on Tama-chan...fess up! That's a feather duster, right? Of course, next to you, it looks like a cluster of feathers from the finest chapeau!

  17. Tama-Chan, you did well finding that. It is a perfectly beautiful toy for a perfectly beautiful girl:)


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