Saturday 28 February 2009

I'm Ready!

Tom: As you know, we working dogs are always ready for an outing, especially if it involves sticks, tennis balls and Frisbees. Today, I thought I would tell you a little about the pattern of my daily outings, and how I have been known to gently coax #1 when she needs encouragement.

As soon as we get up in the morning, we go out for a walk. #1 says it's the best way to wake up gently, especially if the weather is nice, as it is today, and it gives me the opportunity to channel some of the energy that has built up overnight. We start by walking up the lane, all the way to the road. I know I am supposed to stop at the last electricity pole before the road, and wait for #1 who gives me a treat. I then gallop straight into the big field (not ploughed yet!) and it's stick time!

#1 accuses me of spending almost as much time chewing on the sticks as I do running after them, but a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do, and I do love to chew!!! So #1 always makes sure she takes several sticks

I get to go out a little after lunch, but that's just in the garden, and #1 will often do  bit of outdoor work, with which I always help. She does say she is grateful that I am not a digger, though! I just steal and chew the little plastic pots plants come in...

The next big outing is mid-afternoon in winter and late afternoon in the spring and summer, and this is the tricky one. I don't always feel from #1 the same enthusiasm and energy levels that I have. I see her sitting at her desk, working, and sometimes dreaming of naps. But I want to run and play! So, I use mental projection. I sit behind her and stare very hard at her back until she turns around, and this is what she sees:

Does she have any choice? Would you hesitate? Of course not!!! And we're off to the smaller field, the one we call "Tom's Field" for a long game of tennis ball or Frisbee.

Tama-Chan: My mental imagery is not quite the same, and occasionally (especially when the weather is not great) I win!!!


  1. We also got all tired from all that activity.

  2. Tom, you certainly have #1 well-trained. It's nice to see such a properly socialized human!

    I got Ms. C to play with me last night by galloping to her desk and dropping a blue furry mouse by her feet with a kind of vicious "raa!" sound. It's kind of like your stare -- she can't resist the enthusiasm!

    Glad you're having a nice weekend. Looks like it's going to be glum here.

    Abby Normal

  3. Great post, Tom! Your face, the ball, the mental message - no one could possibly resist!!! And you, Queen Siesta, are irresistable anyway!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  4. aha Tama-Chan I loves your metal imagery the best!
    Tom you has your momma wrapped around your paw buddie! so spoilt!! And so you should be, I knowz you look after your little family!
    That really is a full day though, and what's better I bet your momma is mega fit from it.. hrrm note to self: first thing we get when we get our own home one day.. a woofie.. momma could use the exercise! :p hehe

  5. Its not easy making sure our people get enough exercise. Glad you are in charge.


  6. inasloeStaring is good Tom. It is a great way to make the people feel guilty and do what we want them to do! Of course we need our exercise and your walks and field look great.

    Your friend,

  7. While we absolutely love the photos of Tom in the fields, we're with you Tama-Chan! :)

    -Gandalf and Grayson

  8. Doggies are so exhausting. I think I need a snooze with TC after all that!

  9. I know Gus/Louie/Callie khonkhur on the stikhk issue!

    Tank woo fur sharing that khool routine woo have!

    Maybe I'll take that up with my mom!


  10. Tom, thanks for sharing your routine with us...and your extremely good hypnotism of your mom! it looks like she has the best of all to get her to get out and exercise, and Tama-chan, to stay in snug and warm and nap!

  11. I liked hearing about your routine.
    I like routines, too. It is good to have an orderly day, with things happening when they are supposed to happen. Like naps.

  12. You sure are one talented pup, Tom! I do a lot of mental projection too, but when I do it I'm trying to guilt trip my mom into playing soccer with me. I still haven't gotten into frisbees, but sticks and balls are great fun. You're so lucky that your #1 is always so happy and willing to spend time with you.

  13. What a wonderful routine! It is amazing that staring very hard at a bean can be such a motivation for them to attend to your needs.


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